Adoption Process

The Lucky Labs Rescue adoption process has evolved over time as we have learned from our experiences as a rescue. This process allows us to ensure the dogs in our rescue will never have to be rehomed once placed with a family and give us the confidence that we are placing a dog in a home where they will be treated as a member of the family!

Application: Our application goes over your dog interests, pet experience, environment, lifestyle, and adoption process policies. 

Phone Interview: Once your application has been reviewed AND approved, one of our Lucky Labs Rescue (LLR) representatives will call to do a phone interview. During this time we may ask questions regarding the answers of your application and share a little bit about the dogs you are interested in. 

Vet/Reference Check: Following our phone interview, we will call your vet and other references to make sure the dog will be well-looked after and cared for! We ask that you notify your vet to expect a call so that they may release information to us upon verification.

Meet & Greet/Home Visit: Oftentimes, if we are able to, we ask to do a home visit prior to placing a dog, especially if there are other pets already in the home. This is to ensure the dog is a good fit with all members of the home (human or animal) and that the dog is a good fit for the environment. 

We also take this time to discuss nutritional needs, housebreaking, training, etc. with you and your family. It is a requirement of LLR that all dogs adopted from us be kept inside at night, no exceptions. In addition, we make sure the family understands that any pet has to be treated as a member of the family. 

Adoption Day: The day your dog joins you for the rest of their life! Everyone’s circumstances are different, we try to accommodate to the best of our ability so that adoption day is a seamless transition. We try our best to provide 2-3 days worth of dog food, any of their current medications (if needed), favorite toys and paperwork associated with the dog regarding their care. During this time, we also have you sign our adoption agreement and collect the adoption fee.