The following guidelines are required to adopt from Lucky Labs Rescue.  These guidelines have been established as best practices for our rescue.  Please ask questions should a policy or guideline not be clear to you.   By applying to adopt from us, you are agreeing to the outlined policies.

Adopting to families with children.  Our adoption process has evolved over time, and our guidelines are a result of lessons we have learned over many years of working with rescue dogs and finding them proper homes. In placing a dog in a new home, the main consideration is to try to be as sure as possible that the dog will never have to go through another rehoming again.  Every dog is unique and has different needs, we simply do not know the full history of most of our dogs, therefore don't know their individual history with young children.  We receive countless requests from dog owners who want to rehome their pet because they growled at, snapped at or are just too rough for their young child.  For these reasons, we feel it is in the best interest of our dogs to place them in homes with children over the age of 7.