​Meet Maggie! 

FOSTER OR ADOPTER HOME NEEDED ASAP!!  Beautiful five year old Maggie lost her best friend when she passed away.  Maggie lived a pampered life living with a lady who loved dogs, especially Maggie.  When the lady unexpectedly died, Maggie went to a home where she lived outside and wasn't care for.  When Maggie  came to us, she was covered in fleas with sores and itchy thinning hair due to flea infestation and she had lost 16 lbs in ten months.  This sweet girl has a bright future ahead;  We will make sure of it!  Maggie is house trained, great with other dogs, love to play fetch, and loves people.  Maggie is a big girl weighing 87 lbs;  She would do best in a home with another dog and a fenced yard to play fetch.  Maggie needs someone who works from home or at home most of the time.       


If you would like to meet Maggie, please email your four page adoption application to and



ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet sweet Redd!!  He was surrendered to a local shelter and appeared to have lived a sad life.  Redd was extremely underweight and had a mass hanging from his left leg.  You can see the mass in one of the pictures but it has been removed.  After weeks of vet appointments and wonderful care by his foster mommy, Redd is ready for his forever home.  The foster can't say enough good things about Redd.  He is super sweet, loves everyone and all animals he meets.  The vet thinks Redd is approximately 10 years old but doesn't act his age.  Redd is house trained, not destructive in any way, and rarely barks.  He is crate trained however, he doesn't need to be crated when alone;  Walks great on a leash too.  Redd is just about the perfect dog!  

To adopt Redd, please send your completed 4 page adoption application to 


HANDSOME Grits came to us after spending six weeks in the shelter.  He has an awesome demeanor loving everyone he meets.  The vet thinks Grits is about 7 years old.  Grits is house trained, crate trained, knows a few commands, is okay on the leash unless he see something of great interest, and needs to gain at least ten pounds.  We would love to have Grits into a foster home.

If you are interested in meeting Grits, please email your four page adoption application and return to and




ADOPTER NEEDED!!!  Diesel came from a home where he was confined to a kitchen most of his life.  A wonderful lady took Diesel in after his owner threatened to place him in the shelter.  Despite several medical issues that have been resolved, Diesel's blood panel came back perfect and the vet gave him a clean  bill of health with the exception of a stubborn ear infection that's being treated!  He has gotten spoiled at "foster" home and loves to snuggle on the couch and enjoys their two pugs.  Diesel just celebrated his 10th birthday and he is LOVED by his foster family but they can't keep him.  He will make a great fit for someone who wants all the love a lab has to give!  He is house trained but not crate trained, he can walk on a leash but does pull when he gets excited, loves food and will try stand right beside you while you eat, hoping for a bite. I know all of these things can easily be corrected with patience and time!     

To adopt Diesel, please send your completed 4 page application to


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


ADOPTER NEEDED!  SAMMY UPDATE! Sammy is  doing so GREAT in his foster home! He is now house and crate trained, he knows lots of commands and he is SUPER FRIENDLY with all humans and dogs of all sizes  [❤]   He LOVES car rides and is very good out at the dog bars. Sammy still has lots of one year old puppy energy so he needs an active home ready to exercise him and continue his positive training. Because he really doesn't know his own size and would knock them down, we recommend only children over 12 for this HAPPY boy.  He is also able to leap over 4 to 5 foot fences so this FUNNY guy needs a home with a privacy fence or an active family in a townhome or condo. He will bring so much laughter and joy to his new home!

Meet Sammy!!  This handsome one year old boy spent thirty four days in boarding but no one came looking for him.  He is the total lab package with a super friendly and endearing personality.  We think he is house trained because he kept his suite clean in boarding.  Sammy needs a fenced yard and an active home where he can get exercise and training. 


To be considered for adoption, please email your four page adoption application to and


FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet BEAUTIFUL, 3 year old, 15 lb Sally.  She and her brother were living in a backyard before coming to us.  Sally is a true delight to be around around.  She is great with other dogs and walks on a leash with ease.  The temp foster reports Sally is great gated in her bathroom at night and has no accidents.     

To foster or adopt Sally, please email your four page adoption application to



Sweet five month old Ingrid ended up in the shelter from a neglect case.  Her siblings, Tigger and Minnie have found their forever families and now it's Ingrid's time.  Ingrid is a VERY HAPPY girl who loves everyone she meets including her foster friends.  She knows a few commands.                             

To meet Ingrid, please email your completed application to




MEET BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, 2.5 YR OLD RAVEN! Raven was found as a stray & brought to a kill shelter. Turns out this POOR GIRL had an eyelid birth defect that made it painful for her to keep her eyelids open!. We had the surgery to repair this, and she is now living pain free! 
She is the sweetest dog for her going through who knows how much in her life so far! She seems to be so grateful to be in a home setting! She gets overly excited when she sees cats and some dogs while leash walking, but we've been working on a lot of training with her & socializing her with our cat!! Raven is:
• Super sweet, affectionate, & playful!
• VERY smart & learns quickly, potty trained, knows ALL basic commands (Drop it, Come, Leave it, Sit & Down Stay, etc).
• Really great with dogs, people, kids, the vet, & car rides, & excellent going in her kennel! 
• Good leash walking with an Easy Walk Harness
• She is also food motivated, and she loves to play with rope toys, fetch, balls, & chewy.

She's curious about everything and many times wants to be by your side to see what you're doing. She also loves her belly rubbed! She also loves hiking and swimming!

To learn more about this FANTASTIC girl please contact 
Dorsey C. Patrick
Jesse's Place Rescue Inc.
501c3 Non Profit


​URGENT FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet SUPER HANDSOME, 6 year old, Charlie.  He was on the euthanasia list at the shelter so we decided to help.  We need a experienced foster for Charlie so we can get him out of boarding.  He is an active boy but he listens and knows a few commands.  A fenced yard is preferred.  Charlie is excited when meeting/seeing other dogs but doesn't bark at them.    

To FOSTER or ADOPT, please email your completed 4 page application to and


​ ​A SPECIAL ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet our  BEAUTIFUL Ella!  Ella is a one year old girl with SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE  to the right people!  This very SWEET girl is house trained, crate trained and knows some commands. She is 55 lbs and very healthy. When she is comfortable in her new home she bonds really quickly with her new person and is a real cuddler who enjoys sitting with you on the sofa and snuggling in the bed.  She is active and funny and a total JOY in her foster home.  She ABSOLUTELY ADORES other dogs and plays happily with them.  However, Ella is very fearful of strangers! She barks at new people. She is SO much better then she was and we have been diligently working with her to help her overcome this fear but this will require further patient, positive training to help her fully succeed.  Her ideal home would have a fenced yard, another friendly dog or two, and a  SPECIAL person or people to open their heart and home to her!  

If you have the deep desire to give this AMAZING GIRL her perfect home where she can thrive please email your 4 page application to and


ADOPTER NEEDED!   Tank is doing SO well in his foster home!  Tank is a true LOVER who wants to be close to his family.  While he needs his exercise, once he has gotten his energy out, he will happily lay at your feet or sit by your side on the sofa while chewing his kong.  [💗]   He is an EXCELLENT office mate! Tank LOVES to play with other dogs but he can be a bit too rambunctious for a timid dog. He needs a home with another playful dog that can teach him how to play and then relax.  He is a SUPER SMART boy who wants to learn and please so training him with positive reinforcement will be very easy.  He is still young and will need help with his leash manners.  Tank also enjoys going to the water.  He has not decided to swim yet but he is very happy wading in the shallow end! He is doing really well learning to be by himself when his foster is not at home but is still not a candidate for the crate. He will need a home where someone is around a lot and a fenced yard is a must for this SWEET guy! 

Tank is FRIENDLY with people and other dogs.  He gets really excited when he sees them.  We have not seen him with cats but we are pretty sure if the cat stands its ground he will run away - lol!  Tank is going to be a large boy.  He is currently 65lbs with the biggest feet you've ever seen!  His favorite thing is to lay by your feet and chew his bone  [ [💗] ]   This is what his temp foster has to say:  Tank is the sweetest of all the dark chocolate puppies you will find! He is happiest next to you wherever that might be!  He’s a great car rider too, chills in the back and would love a puppachino!  He loves his toys, treats, and peanut butter!!  He is an active boy and is learning how to walk on leash but still needs to fine tune his leash skills.  He needs crate training, but can sleep fine in a crate as long as he can see you.  He was also fine in my bathroom for a short time while I was gone when left with enrichment toys


To adopt Tank, please email your completed four page adoption application to