Meet Wilber!!  He is a super sweet one and a half year old boy looking for a foster or forever home. He was abandoned at a home after the family moved. Wilber is great with other dogs, loves toys, and appears to be house trained.  

If you would like to meet

Wilber, please email a completed application to and



Meet Sherman - a HANDSOME and SWEET two year old boy looking for his new forever home. When Sherman came to us, he was terrified of everything...But WOW has he blossomed!  This amazing boy has really come out of his shell and continues to gain confidence with each passing day.  He ADORES other dogs and will need to be in a home with a couple of canine companions to help him continue his progress.  He now ENJOYS being petted and fussed over. He is a REAL GEM! Sherman needs a home with other dogs, a fenced yard and humans who want to see watch him continue to THRIVE!.  He is fully vetted and a truly happy and healthy boy! 

​If you are interested in meeting Sherman,  please email your completed application to


Casey is an exceptional girl with an amazing personality full of love and fun.  She is 8 years young;  don't let her age scare you for she is still full of life.  Casey's fun personality comes out when she see a ball.  She LOVES to play fetch so much she even plays it with herself she will roll the ball away and then ponce after it.  She loves to hike, walk and to just be with you.  She knows basic commands, is house trained and did I say she LOVES to play fetch!!  So if you in the market for some unconditional love and you want to be a hero daily, Casey is your gal.  

If you would like to meet Casey, please email a completed application to and


This is Burdett...and she has quite a story.  She has come from a long way away in the mid-west.  A local family was visiting out of state, and found Burdett wandering down a deserted road far from any town.  After a long time coaxing her (and lots of sausage), they were able to get her in the car.  She was starving and thirsty.  While they were in the area, they contacted the local vet and placed flyers trying to find her owners.  But when none was located, they brought her back to North Carolina. When they got her out of the car, they said, "Burdett, these are trees!"  They have cared for her for about two months, getting her happy and healthy again.  And they love her..but they have very busy schedules, children and dogs....and would love her to have a home where her she can have lots and lots of attention.  They have gotten her off on a good start to her new life!  Now it's time for her next chapter.

She is about one year old, cute, sweet, playful and her tail goes non stop!  Great with their dogs and tries to initiate play with them, but they tire of the play so we think a home with a playmate would be ideal.  And she most likely needs another dog for security and to follow and learn from...she is timid with new people.  Burdett will need a patient home to continue the great progress her current home has started.  She is still not comfortable inside and will need help to get there.  She has really come out of her shell with her current family...rolls for belly rubs from them, and they can mess with her feet, teeth...she trusts them.  Burdett needs a home with a fence.  She is good in a crate.

If you would like to meet Burdett, send a completed four page application to and


​Meet SCOUT!! This handsome boy is looking for a loving home!   He is three years old and is currently in a foster home with another lab and teenagers.  Scout will thrive in a home that can love and appreciate a young lab that wants to have an active life with his family.  
He has been in the foster home about two months and here is some of the info from them:
Scout loves to cuddle
We can tell that he has had some training * (see training note below) which has made his adjustment into our home go much easier than expected.  He is a very sweet dog and likes to be near you or at least in the same room as other people but seems to be okay left alone as well.  He is crate trained and has no issues from what I can see being in the crate for longer periods of time.   He is house trained;  We have had no accidents in the house which is great.
He loves to fetch and plays tug with lots of excitement.  He so far has only chewed on the dog toys but if left alone with one he will rip it to shreds..... which is not uncommon.
He is good with not pushing thru you when coming in or out of the house and I haven't seen him try to make a break for the front door.  If the front door is open, he will bark at folks/dogs going by, but does not try to get out...will stay back from door when one goes out.  He does like to jump up when excited but stops immediately with proper correction.

The area where Scout needs improvement is meeting other dogs.  He pulls hard to meet other dogs and barks, but once there just wants to meet them.  Can seem dominant, but can be corrected/redirected. (I have personally introduced him to my 12 yr old dominant male lab and my 10 month old lab pup...he pulled like crazy to meet both and was friendly with both.)   The resident female has very quickly set the fact that she is Alpha here and he respects her and doesn't mess with her at all.  Now, he seems to follow her lead on how to act in the house.

Scout is a sweet dog and has energy like any other lab. He is great at playing and we can get his energy out during play time. When not playing he does take on the Lazy lab mentality and is a good napper.

*In his previous home, it seems Scout's family were not "dog" people and Scout had a sad time.  Thankfully, he has a new chance now.  While he was in that home, they contacted a trainer and she worked with the entire family.  The trainer says he is just a typical big lab...who needs a lab savvy home.  He needs someone who will be a firm boss for a time..until he gets it.  He is smart, just needs a good guiding home.  He needs dog intro he does not pull so hard to meet them.  In class, the trainer said Scout did well.. and the 10 yr old progressed so he could walk Scout by other dogs.

Please email our four page application to if you are interested in Scout or have any questions.



ADOPTER NEEDED!  Prince is a one year old adorable boy with a fun loving personality.  He is only 48 lbs and greets everyone he meets with his tail going full speed.  He was surrendered to the shelter because his young family were having a baby.....  Prince is in a foster home with other dogs, is house trained, crate trained, and loves to go for walks.  The foster mom said his name should be Prance because he prances around the house and is a love bug.  He doesn;t chew and doesn't get on the furniture.               

If you would like to meet Prince, email and




Sweet Lindley ended up in a shelter and her family never came looking for her.  She is very sad and confused in boarding.  Our vet estimates Lindley to be approximately six.  Lindley  appears to be house trained, knows a couple basic commands, loves to go for a ride in the car, and needs leash work.  She loves the water and LOVES to play fetch.           

If you would like to meet Lindley, email our four page application to



FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!  Handsome and SWEET Buddy is a big lovable goof  looking for his new forever home!  Buddy is 5 years old and weighs 100lbs.  This guy LOVES a tennis ball and prefers to carry one with him most of the time.  He will play fetch and then settle down with his best tennis ball and chew it for hours.  He is house trained and rides really well in the car.  He can be strong on the leash but is easily managed on a non-pull harness.  He is very good with other dogs and wants to be where his people are.  He needs a home comfortable with a big dog and looking for a great companion to hang out with.
For more information on Buddy, please email your completed application to and


Georgia is back!!  She is a beautiful, super sweet, and laid back girl.  Georgia loves everyone she meets, is house trained, okay in the house alone, is great with other dogs.  Georgia is the perfect dog for a calm lifestyle.  She had a skin staff infection that is almost gone.  Our vet reported with a couple more weeks of antibiotics Georgia would be healed and ready for her forever home.  I know many were interested so let us hear from you.  

If you would like to meet Georgia, please email a completed application to and


This wonderful boy was named Patrick because he was born in St Patrick's day 2016.  Patrick was in a home with five other dogs and loved them all however, he didn't like to share his food.  He guards his food and must be separated when feeding if other dogs are in the home.  Patrick is good with people and food and loved the eight year old girl in the home.  Patrick  enjoys going outside and loves to go swimming .  He was an indoor dog who was trained to ring a bell on the back door when he needed  to go out.  Patrick has an awesome personality, met several dogs today and wanted to play with them all.  Overall, he is great!   Pat is in a foster home with another dog and is loving the company.  Pat is very loving to his people and bonds quickly!   

To meet Patrick, please send your completed application to and


Meet Clover!!  This beautiful five year old girl is so sweet.  Clover is in a foster home with other dogs and ignores cats.  She is very laid back but can be very playful when out with other dogs.  She is very much a people dog, loves affection, and asks to be petted.  Clover is very gentle on the leash, knows basic commands, and would be the perfect companion for an older person looking for a companion.  Clover went with her foster mom to visit a ninety six year old lady in a nursing home and was super gentle with her.  She is just about the perfect dog!  I will get more pictures.    

If you would like to meet Clover, please email your completed application to




ADOPTER needed!  We are looking for a special home for a very special older boy!  Deacon is a SWEET and HANDSOME 10 year old boy looking for a calm home without other dogs or just one very laid back dog to live out his golden years.  Deacon is now house trained and feeling much better than when he came to us!  He does not hear well (if at all) and this can cause misunderstandings with other dogs in confined spaces (he does not hear their communications to stay away) but he is fine with other canines on walks and in public.  He ignores cats. .    

To learn more about Deacon, please send your completed application to


​Bodie was returned to Lucky Labs through no fault of his own.  He is a very handsome, sweet and goofy Labrador.  Bodie has hip dysplasia.  He will need a one level home with few stairs.  Bodie can go up stairs easily but can't walk down them.  He will try to jump down and this could result in further injury.  He is about 5 years old and very laid back, except for food or treats, when he will bounce up and down really high like on a pogo stick. He knows a few commands and is really good around the house but every once in a while he’ll be a bit mischievous and sometimes stubborn just to get your attention.  He will bring shoes or his leash onto the bed with him.  He doesn't chew on them, just lies down with them.  Bodie gets along wonderfully with other dogs and people, rides in a car in the back seat with another dog, and he’s crate trained and housebroken.  He's rather low energy for a Labrador so he wouldn't be great for super long walks or hikes.  Bodie is really a fantastic boy!

If you would like to be considered for adoption, please email our four page application to and



Meet Sami!!  This beautiful girl was born April 3, 2011.  Sami is a big girl weighing 92 lbs, super sweet, loving everyone she meets.  Sami is great with other dogs, loves to go for a ride, house trained, doesn't need to be crated when alone, doesn't chew with no destructive behavior, knows many commands however, she will jump when excited.  Sami must go to a home with a fenced yard and a home where she will be allowed on the furniture.  

If you would like to meet Sami, email a completed four page app to  


​​Meet Carlie!!  She is such a sweet girl and wants loving so much.  She is around 8 years old.   It does not seem she has met a stranger...she loves all the dogs she has met, seems fine with cats that are dog savvy, and loves all people.  She LOVES the water...loves swimming!  She is happy to run after a ball.   She loves playing with other dogs...and can out last dogs years her junior. 

If you would like to learn more about Carlie, please email our four page application to and 


FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet GORGEOUS Britt!  Britt is a 16 month old, 75lb English Lab that was picked up as a stray.  She is all Lab and still full of puppy energy.  She is REALLY sweet, funny and smart but has NO manners!  She rides very nicely in the car but needs work on the leash.  She barks with excitement on the leash when she sees other dogs but is not aggressive.  Britt will be an AMAZING girl once she has been given instruction but she needs an experienced, patient dog person to teach her to be all that she can be! 

If you are ready to help Britt in her quest to be the perfect dog, please email your completed application to  To foster Britt, please email

Charlie and Molli

​Charlie and Molli are super sweet dogs with lots of love to give.  Charlie, black, a very fun loving boy born 11/8/12.  He is full of personality and will whine a little if you baby talk him just to keep getting the attention.   He loves water and will hang out at the pool or lake as long as you like.  He loves to chase birds in the yard, and will play fetch as long as you will throw the ball.  He loves people and his sister Molli.  He is a great car rider.  He is good with other dogs as long as they aren't aggressive toward him.  He has not been exposed to cats.   

Molli, chocolate, is a sweet loving girl, born 2/14/11, with a big heart.  Molli  loves being around people. She loves to run, play ball and swim, she is very nurturing to her brother Charlie, and likes to snuggle.  She gets a little scared of thunderstorms and wants to be near you.  She loves kids and gets along with other dogs. She has never been exposed to cats.  Both dogs have spent a lot of their life outdoors but have spent time indoors when it is cold or bad weather.  They keep their suite clean in boarding.     

If you would like to foster or adopt Charlie and Molli, email and


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.