It is simply impossible not to love Rebel the minute you meet him.  He is a handsome seven year old black lab with a winning personality and a head tilt that will melt your heart.   Rebel wants nothing more than to be your best friend.  Rebel’s foster mom has spent a lot of time with him and thinks he is perfect.  He is very gentle and always wants to be near you, but not in a needy way.  He has complete run of the house, is remarkably polite with his food, knows basic commands, walks nicely on a leash, rides calmly in the car, rarely barks and gets along great with other dogs.  Rebel loves to play with his toys but is just as happy napping on the couch with you.  Rebel needs to gain some more weight but is looking great.  He does not seem to like cats so might be best in a home without one.   

If you would like to meet Rebel, email our four page adoption application to and


​LFOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!!   Meet HANDSOME and SWEET Skipper!  This fantastic 5 year old boy is being surrendered to us because his family is unable to take care of him anymore.  He is a total LOVE who doesn't jump on you when he meets you and will give you kisses when you sit down with him.  He just wants to be loved.  He enjoys fetching the tennis ball and swimming!   He is good with other dogs and has been an indoor/mostly outdoor dog but appears to be housetrained and does not mess with anything when alone inside the home.   He will be headed to our vet for vaccines and neuter as soon as we have a foster home for him.

To foster or adopt Skipper, please email an adoption application to and


FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!  Bella, a SWEET AND LOVING 7 year old girl was surrendered to us when she was no longer wanted in her home.  We can’t figure out how anyone could give up this FANTASTIC girl!  Bella is house trained and has been baby gated in the kitchen of her temp foster home with no problems. She is good on the leash and knows a few commands.  She was very good in the car, choosing to lay her head on my shoulder as I drove :)
Bella has been an only dog but is fine with others. She has not been cat tested. 

To learn more about her please send your completed application to or to foster please email



Rudy is a WONDERFUL,  3 year old boy that was in really bad shape when we first took him.  He was skin and bones and very weak.  But after some serious TLC by his foster, he has really blossomed and now weighs 65 lbs!  Rudy ADORES people!  He enjoys a good walk and then is content to sit on your feet or cuddle beside you on the sofa with his favorite toy - Barney.  He will follow you from room to room and would LOVE to have a home where someone is around a lot.  Rudy is great with other dogs, does not pull on the leash and does not need to be crated when left alone.  This boy is an excellent companion!.          

If you would like to meet Rudy, please email your completed application to and


Tami is a 7-year-old black lab who is very mild temperament and barely barks.  The only time she will bark is if she sees other animals.  Sami is great with other dogs.  She has never been around cats and I’m not sure she would do well.  Sami just wants to be loved and pet.  She has free run of the house and has no food aggression.  Sami is accustomed to being on the furniture.  She loves bones, car rides, walks, and lots of ice in her water.  She is a strong girl on the leash.  She is truly an amazing dog and would be a perfect fit to someone’s home.      

If you would like to meet Sami, please email your completed application to


Meet Trace!  This HANDSOME and SWEET 1.5 year old boy has come so far in his short time with us!  Trace has calmed down so much, he is good in the house and good with other dogs.  He walks well on the leash and has learned to sit when asked.  He ADORES being petted and loved on.  He would LOVE  an active home with a fenced yard where he can play and have fun.

To learn more about Trace, please email your completed application to and


​Meet ADORABLE Henry!  Henry is a 6 month old sweet, very shy boy that was found with his sister in a ditch in rural SC.  He is super food motivated, loves his crate and also enjoys spending time on the sofa with his foster mom and dad.  He has come a long way since we took him in. He has become much more brave with humans and he LOVES other dogs of all sizes.  Henry needs a patient home with another dog and no young children where he can continue to learn that humans are a GOOD thing!  

To learn more about Henry, please return your completed app to and

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!!  HANDSOME Chandler is a 1.5 year old mix that came to us when Hurricane Florence was bearing down on the small shelter where he was being held in an OUTDOOR kennel.  They begged us to take him and how could we not help this SWEET, SMART boy?!?  Chandler is an energetic guy with a terrific fetch drive.  He is also SUPER treat motivated and has truly impressed all of us with how quickly he learns!  He had zero training previously but this boy is going to be an ABSOLUTE STAR in a home that enjoys working with him.  He seems to be good with most dogs - ignoring them as we walk by in the kennel.  He will need a home with adults or older people as he will still knock down small people : )  

To find out more about fostering or adopting this AWESOME dog, please email


FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!!  This precious seven month old girl was found, along with her sister wandering when a good Samaritan took them in.  No owner was found so they asked us to help these sweet girls find a GREAT home!  Trixie is energetic, playful and outgoing.  She is on the smaller side and is not likely to get very big (probably no more than 65 lbs).  She is great with other dogs and very sweet with people! !  

To learn more about Trixie, email your completed application to and

Cuddlebugs and Wiggles 

​These two seven year old girls have lived a sad life.  They are super sweet and soak up any attention.  They are great with everyone including other dogs and kids.  They don't have to be adopted together.  Surprisingly, the dogs are healthy.  

If you would like to meet Cuddlebugs and Wiggles, please email      


Sully is a big, goofy, beautiful, loving, 2-3 year old boy who wants only to please.  He is housebroken, dog door trained, doesn't need to be crated and knows basic commands. He will ride in your kayak or car, take hikes with you, go have a beer at the local brewery, curl up with you and become your shadow.  He loves his toys and every dog he has ever met.  He is perfect and only requires two things, couch access and a 6 foot

fence.  He goes to the front door when escaping and wonders why you didn't follow him.  If you are looking for a best friend and companion, Sully is your boy.. 

To learn more about Sully, please email your completed app to and


Oakley is a HANDSOME 

Husky.  He is currently being cared for by a wonderful couple until we find his forever home.  Oakley is such a sweet boy, loves everyone, cats, dogs, and people.  He was with another dog for about 7 years and would love a buddy to play with,  If someone didn’t work, he would be happy being a only child to get all the love.  He doesn’t like you to raise your voice.  He whines when he wants attention and barks a couple barks to go out to the bathroom.  He is up to date on all shots and on prevention for fleas and heart worms.  He loves soft foods and canned food.  Loves to take walks but we have never let him run off leash. A fenced in yard would be great so he can go out to do his thing. 
He does not like his picture made I guess you can tell.                              

If you would like to meet Oakley, email


This 12 year old classic lab complete with his breed's hallmark easy going personality is desperate for a home to live the rest of his day.  Beaufort has a lot of miles left in him;  He is on a weight loss diet to loose twenty pounds.;  Typical spirited, adoring, loyal, takes everything in stride, goofy fun loving personality.  Very active - leaps off deck vs. taking the 3 steps;   Crawled under the deck on his belly checking out the space.  Adorable, happy, oozing charming Lab personality.  Smart, confident, makes his own fun such as lapping up final rinse water off Han's back or running off with initial water bowl;   Easy going, all about being comfortable and/or having fun.  Beaufort knows sit and shake (give me paw), has good vision, hearing and sense of smell, and aced the human hand in bowl during entire meal test.  

If you would like to meet Beaufort, please email


Mally is a 17 month old, 72 lb. lab mix has the sweetest disposition any dog owner could want.  In addition to being a loving greeter and companion to the owners, she gives kisses and plays with their grandchildren on a daily basis, lying down and allowing them to scratch her belly and feed her treats without any concerns or issues. (No food aggression at all !)  Mally is a graduate of obedience training, and is a sensational walking companion, tirelessly and effortlessly demonstrating her leash manners and stopping and sitting at crosswalks.  She is sensational with other dogs, and loves playing and hanging out with other non-aggressive canine friends.  Owners have no experience with Mally and cats, but when presented outside with some feline friends, she often lays down as she does when meeting other dogs and seems to be wondering about play opportunities despite the cat’s indifference..   Mally is completely house trained and has never had an accident.  She has the run of the house and the owner has never had an issue with any manner of destructive misbehavior.  She loves people, being near them and cuddling, but can be nervous with new people, and loud noises can make her anxious, but she doesn’t act out. Once she gets to know you, she is your friend forever.

To find out more about Mally, please email your completed application to and


Tux is a very beautiful, sweet, shy 2 yr old Lab/Border Collie mix who has been in a very active foster home.  This is not the best environment for him as it makes him very nervous.  He really needs a calm home with only one other chill dog (or he may do well with no other dogs) in order to thrive and meet his full potential.

If you would like to meet Tux, email a completed application to


Buddy is a loving, loyal senior who is looking for a home where he can relax. He loves to take naps, play with a ball, belly rubs, and be with his people. He takes a few minutes to relax in a crate, but prefers to be in an open space, the closer to you the better. He is interested in other dogs, but doesn't try to engage in play. Buddy is approximately 12 years old. He is mostly deaf, and has arthritis, but he still enjoys short walks and time in the yard. He does better on surfaces where he can grip, like carpet & grass. He is somewhat clumsy on tile and linoleum, but area rugs give him the traction he needs. We are working on getting on a regular schedule for taking care of business through a consistent diet and feeding time, as well as scheduled walks and have already made great strides. Buddy is neutered and heart worm negative. If you’re looking for a calm, loving, companion, this boy is for you!. 

If you would like to meet

Buddy, please email a completed application to


Meet BEAUTIFUL  and shy Henrietta!  Henrietta was found with her brother abandoned in a ditch in rural SC.  Henrietta is approximately six months old.  She was extremely fearful with humans when we first took her in but she is slowly learning to trust.  Henrietta LOVES other dogs and needs a home with one or more dogs for her to follow and learn from.  She desperately wants to trust humans and will come sit on the sofa with her foster mom and dad but will retreat to her crate when someone new visits.  She needs a calm home with no young children and a family that desires to help her become more outgoing.  

To learn more about Henrietta, please email your completed app to


We have nine beagle mix puppies born 9/22/18.  We have posted a picture of the beautiful beagle mommy but obviously there were several fathers. 

If you would like to meet and adopt, please email your completed application to


Meet beautiful Libby!!  This lovely seven month old girl was found wandering with her sister in a rural area and no owners could be located.  Libby is very SWEET and a little submissive.  She is GREAT with other dogs and very loving with people.  She will not be a very big dog when fully grown.  (Likely no bigger than 60 lbs).  Libby is in a foster home and we will get an update soon..     

To learn more about Libby, please email your completed application to and