Meet Samantha .... she is a truly lovely lady.  Her dad finds himself in a situation where he must travel a good bit now and while she used to travel with him, he does not think it’s fair or comfortable for her to travel long distances now. And he does not want to put her in boarding while he is gone.   He loves her very much, but wants her to have a better home than he can provide now.  Sam was adopted at age eight, four years ago.  She is now 12 but does not look it...she is aging very gracefully!  She was released to a lab rescue after her breeder felt she should be retired.  She likes people and loves to be petted. She loves the two labs that live next door to her. She is gentle, sleeps a good bit, can still jump around a bit, she has just minimal hip issues.  She eats great, has good eyes, and is good on a leash. As she is older, her dad does take her out after she eats, and several times during the day.  If you are home some during the day and want a beautiful lady as good company, consider our Samantha.  

If you are interested in adopting Samantha, please email the four page adoption application to


Yes, Spencer is back but due to no fault of his own.  He was in a home with two pugs and they didn't accept him.  Spencer, approx one year old, is a wonderful big goofy boy who loves everyone and everything he meets.  He is house trained, crate trained, loves his toys, and going for a walk.            

To meet Spencer, send your completed application to and


Meet sweet two year old  Charlie!  This guy had a rough start to life (and has the scars to show), but has been learning that people don't have to be scary.  He has already learned so much in a short time with his foster family!  Charlie is fully house trained,  not crated when left, and is learning many new commands like sit, stay, down, off and bed. Charlie LOVES belly rubs and will use his nose to ask for more scratches.  He has been good with other dogs and likes following his lab foster brother around.  Charlie needs patience when being introduced to men, but is fine after proper introductions (with treats!).  Charlie is looking for a low key forever home who would help him daily with reinforcement of the skills that he is learning and a family who can see that his nervousness isn't permanent.  Charlie also needs a fenced in yard..                               

If you would like to meet Charlie, please send your completed application to


Meet Sweet Hazel!!  This beautiful one year old girl came to us with horrible untreated skin issues.  Hazel was pound bound when we said we would take her.  After a vet visit and the right medicine, Hazel looks and acts like a different dog.  She is in a foster home with other dogs and cats, loves them both, is house trained, knows basic commands, loves to cuddle, and LOVES to play fetch!  


If you would like to meet Hazel, email a completed application to



Meet Ellie!!  This beautiful ten month old girl was surrendered to the shelter.  Ellie is in a home with other dogs, mastered the doggy door quickly, knows a couple commands, is getting the structure and training any young needs to become a valued member of the family.  Ellie loves to play with her toys and try to get the other dogs to chase her.  She is very active, needs plenty of exercise, has a head strong personality but sweet.  A fenced yard is a must.  

If you are interested in meeting Ellie, please email your four page application to and


Meet GORGEOUS Daisy!  This FANTASTIC 2.5  yr old girl was surrendered to the shelter because her owner had no time for her.  She is SO FRIENDLY - both with people and other dogs!  She LOVES to ride in the car, loves playing fetch,  loves her toys, and gives the best KISSES ever!  Daisy knows many commands.  She was really nervous coming out of the shelter but she is in a foster home and is settling in really well.  She is house trained and crate trained.  Daisy is 86 lbs but should be closer to 80.  She needs a little training but she will be an AMAZING  family member!

To learn more about Daisy, please send your completed application to and


Meet our ADORABLE 9  month old Lab/ Golden Retriever boy Cubs!!  Our trainer determined Cubs and Apollo would be better in separate homes.  So Cubs is now in need of his forever family.  Cubs is very sweet and loving.  He lived inside until about three months ago.  They are crate trained and were house trained.  Cubs is your typical puppy with lots of energy.  He will chase the ball and play in the water.  Cubs

needs  a home with structure, a fenced yard, and must get lots of exercise.         

To learn more about Cubs, send your completed application to



Meet Jett!  This handsome two year old boy was surrendered to us because the family was moving.  Jett is adorable!!!  He is house trained, doesn't have to be crated when alone, knows basic commands, is okay on the leash, loves other dogs, and everyone one he meets.  Jett must have a fenced yard.  

To be considered for  adoption, email your application to and


Waylon was surrendered to us by his family because they were moving.  This wonderful nine year old guy is just about perfect!  He is super sweet, loves everyone he meets, knows basic commands, is house trained, doesn't need to be crated when alone, walks great on the leash, loves to go for a ride, and loves to cuddle.    
To learn more about Waylon, please send your completed app to and


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


FOSTER/ADOPTER DESPERATELY NEEDED!! Meet PRECIOUS Tara, our newest honorary Lab ; ) She is actually a 2 year old Fox Hound and she is ADORABLE!   Tara is the SWEETEST, most mild mannered girl who was on the euthanasia list at small shelter where we found her.  With such a BEAUTIFUL  face, how could we not save her?  Tara is FANTASTIC with other dogs and she ADORES  people of all ages.  She was the hit of the day at our last adoption event.  She is fully house trained and enjoys hanging out in her kennel when she wants to nap.  Tara MUST have a fenced yard, no exceptions.  She is on the thin side and her foster mom is working to put weight on her but she is otherwise very healthy.

Please email your completed application to to  learn more about Tara.


Meet PRECIOUS Murphy!  This SWEET 4 yr old boy was found starving as a stray when he was picked up by animal control.  Despite his obvious lack of care, this guy has the best temperament!  He is a little shy with new situations but with patience and encouragement he warms right up.  Within minutes of meeting me, he started giving me gentle licks and asking for affection.  He is doing very well with his house training and LOVES the other dogs in the house, often "learning the ropes" from them.  

UPDATE!!  Murphy has proven he can be trusted outside the crate while we’re at work, so he has free roam during the day.  He’s learned to sleep nicely on the bedroom floor, so no crate at nighttime either!  He’s becoming more playful and really likes to chase the ball.  Once he figured out what do with the peanut butter filled Kong he was hooked!  He has adjusted well and more quickly than I anticipated he would.  He is very good on the leash - he only pulls when he sees cats, and he’s not freaked out by passing cars anymore (unless it’s a school bus, he doesn’t like those).  He LOVES to go for walks and he is starting to use his nose, sniffing around a lot where he wasn’t before.  Murphy LOVES to cuddle!!

For more information on Murphy, please submit your completed application to




Meet Bear!  This HANDSOME and FRIENDLY 11 yr old boy, born 4/8/08, was surrendered by family after his owner died.  Bear is a gentle giant whose world has been turned upside down.  He meets everyone and everything with a excited tail wag.  Bear was an inside dog, is healthy and very agile for his age, and is good on a leash.  He rode quietly in the car.  PLEASE help us get Bear into a home soon.     

To foster or adopt Bear, please send your adoption application to and