This handsome boy is Toby!  He is a one and a half year old boy who was picked up as a stray.  Sadly, no one came for him.  Toby is in a temp foster home where he is getting lots of love and good food.  He is great with other dogs, knows a couple commands, and is house trained.  Toby had a sad start in life from his condition.  His right back leg has a nasty scar and his right eye appears to have an old injury.  We have an appointment with an ophthalmologist Tuesday. 

To meet Toby, email your four page application to


Meet PRECIOUS Penny!
She is one of our Lucky Labs Beagle mix pups born during a hurricane. This beautiful little girl is on the smaller side (her mother was a very petite Beagle) but her SWEETNESS is as big as all outdoors!  Penny ADORES other dogs, LOVES to snuggle with her human and follow them all around the house.  She is athletic and loves long walks or runs. Penny is currently being crate trained and can get sad when her foster leaves (less sad with more exercise). She is house trained, loves learning new commands and will make an AMAZING new family  member!

To learn more about Penny, please send your completed app to and


Meet handsome Briggs!!  He is a sweet seven year old boy picked up as a stray with a long chain around his neck.  Briggs had been picked up in 2014 and the owner came to claim him but thankfully not this time.  Now. Briggs can become a valued member of a family.  He is a big boy weighing 102 lbs, great car rider, loves everyone he meets, very food motivated, knows a couple basic commands, has a gentle giant demeanor.

If you would like to foster or adopt Briggs, please email your four page application to and



Meet handsome Ranger!!    He was as a stray and ended up at the shelter where sadly no one came looking for him.  He is approximately three years old, super sweet, knows a few commands including sit, down, and shake.  He likes the car, is okay on a leash, and he tested well with other dogs.  Ranger is hopefully going to a foster to adopt home this week.  We will update soon.     



To learn more about Ranger, send your completed application to and



Meet handsome Bear!  He is six years old and a full   figured boy weighing 109 lbs.  Bear needs a home where he can get lots of exercise.  He was surrendered to the shelter after the family bought  a new puppy and left Bear outside to roam the neighborhood.  Bear would benefit from leash training and a home with a fenced yard.   

To foster or adopt Bear, send your completed app to and




Meet Dolly!  This beautiful girl one year old girl is super sweet and full of energy!  We are in need of a foster home.  Dolly is good with other dogs, knows a couple of commands, and will be a valued family member with structure and training.

To be considered for foster or adoption, email your application to


Tux is a very beautiful, sweet, shy 2 yr old Lab/Border Collie mix who has been in a very active foster home.  This is not the best environment for him as it makes him very nervous.  He really needs a calm home with only one other chill dog (or he may do well with no other dogs) in order to thrive and meet his full potential.

If you would like to meet Tux, email a completed application to


Handsome Wesley has a sad story to tell.  He was put out of a car at a stranger's house.  The family who found him took care of him that night and took him to the shelter the next day.  We secured a wonderful foster home where Wesley is getting lots of love.  Our vet estimated Wesley to be between 11 and 12.  Wesley loves everyone he meets, is in a foster home with other dogs, house trained, doesn't have to be crated, and loves to cuddle.     

To learn more about Wesley, please email your completed application to


Sami is a 7-year-old black lab who is very mild temperament and barely barks.  The only time she will bark is if she sees other animals.  Sami is great with other dogs.  She has never been around cats and I’m not sure she would do well.  Sami just wants to be loved and pet.  She has free run of the house and has no food aggression.  Sami is accustomed to being on the furniture.  She loves bones, car rides, walks, and lots of ice in her water.  She is a strong girl on the leash.  She is truly an amazing dog and would be a perfect fit to someone’s home.      
If you would like to meet Sami, please email your completed application to


Meet our ADORABLE 6 month old Lab/Hound boy, Spencer!  This guy is a total LOVEBUG who enjoys staying close to his human and showering them with affection.  He has a FUNNY personality, is great with other dogs and has a medium energy.  He is house trained, is learning some commands and would LOVE a family of his own.  His favorite hobby is lying in the grass and eating sticks;)

To learn more about Spencer, send your completed application to and


This 12 year old classic lab complete with his breed's hallmark easy going personality is desperate for a home to live the rest of his day.  Beaufort has a lot of miles left in him;  He is on a weight loss diet to loose twenty pounds.;  Typical spirited, adoring, loyal, takes everything in stride, goofy fun loving personality.  Very active - leaps off deck vs. taking the 3 steps;   Crawled under the deck on his belly checking out the space.  Adorable, happy, oozing charming Lab personality.  Smart, confident, makes his own fun such as lapping up final rinse water off Han's back or running off with initial water bowl;   Easy going, all about being comfortable and/or having fun.  Beaufort knows sit and shake (give me paw), has good vision, hearing and sense of smell, and aced the human hand in bowl during entire meal test.  

If you would like to meet Beaufort, please email


Meet Samantha .... she is a truly lovely lady.  Her dad finds himself in a situation where he must travel a good bit now and while she used to travel with him, he does not think it’s fair or comfortable for her to travel long distances now. And he does not want to put her in boarding while he is gone.   He loves her very much, but wants her to have a better home than he can provide now.  Sam was adopted at age eight, four years ago.  She is now 12 but does not look it...she is aging very gracefully!  She was released to a lab rescue after her breeder felt she should be retired.  She likes people and loves to be petted. She loves the two labs that live next door to her. She is gentle, sleeps a good bit, can still jump around a bit, she has just minimal hip issues.  She eats great, has good eyes, and is good on a leash. As she is older, her dad does take her out after she eats, and several times during the day.  If you are home some during the day and want a beautiful lady as good company, consider our Samantha.  

If you are interested in adopting Samantha, please email the four page adoption application to

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


Oakley is a HANDSOME 

Husky.  He is currently being cared for by a wonderful couple until we find his forever home.  Oakley is such a sweet boy, loves everyone, cats, dogs, and people.  He was with another dog for about 7 years and would love a buddy to play with,  If someone didn’t work, he would be happy being a only child to get all the love.  He doesn’t like you to raise your voice.  He whines when he wants attention and barks a couple barks to go out to the bathroom.  He is up to date on all shots and on prevention for fleas and heart worms.  He loves soft foods and canned food.  Loves to take walks but we have never let him run off leash. A fenced in yard would be great so he can go out to do his thing. 
He does not like his picture made I guess you can tell.                              

If you would like to meet Oakley, email


Meet Otis!!  Sadly, this handsome two year old boy was surrendered to animal control!  He is super sad and nervous, continually looking for his "person".  He was so sad when the transport lady left him today.  He was with he for only an hour and bonded quickly.  Otis is not eating due to stress. Otis knows a few commands, settled in the car quickly, and is great with other dogs.

If you can help us by fostering or would like to adopt, please email your four page applicaiton to and