Meet BEAUTIFUL Katie!!  She has a super sweet happy personality and greets you with her tail going full speed.  She was born 5/31/17.  She was surrendered to the shelter by the family who got her as a puppy.  Katie was born with a heart murmur and still has a low grade one now.  We will consult our vet next week.  Katie LOVES everyone she meets.  She is great with other dogs, not sure about cats, was an inside dog at night, and stayed outside during the day with other dogs.  Katie loves to play fetch and to ride in the car.      

If you can foster or would like to adopt Katie, please email your application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com



Meet handsome Roar!  

This amazingly youthful fellow is 10-11 years old…he has a spring in his step and looks that belie his age!!   He found himself in the shelter due to his owner letting him roam the neighborhood.  We think he may have been lonely and looking for company.

He came to us with a few lumps and bumps, but they have been removed and he is healing nicely.  Roar is a big boy at around 108 lbs…he has been losing a bit of weigh which is what he needed.  He is dog friendly, but can pull a bit on the leash.  He loves to go on long walks a couple of times a day, so a somewhat active home would be a good fit…he’s not a senior acting dog yet!!  And some exercise will keep this amazingly boy fit and trim.  Rohr LOVES to play fetch and loves to ride in the car. 

He does well in the home and can have full reign of the home, but probably due to his lonely past, does best in the crate when left alone to help him feel safe.  We feel he would be happiest in a home where he would not be left alone for big amounts of time, with one or more adults, no children under the age of ten, and maybe a dog companion.

To foster Rohr, please email your completed application to  labladies@gmail.com and to adopt, email labladync@gmail.com.


Meet ADORABLE Teddy!  This super CUTE 3 year old boy  was taken from a bad home situation but in typical Lab fashion, he hasn't let it bother him one bit!  Teddy is a HAPPY, well behaved, SWEET boy who walks really well on the leash and is terrific with all people and other dogs.  He sleeps through he night on a dog bed in the foster's room and has had no accidents in the house.  Teddy came to the shelter with severe hair loss and very worn teeth.  The hair loss is being treated and despite the bad teeth, has no problem eating.  He will be neutered as soon as the vets start back with regular hours.  He is a FANTASTIC 51 lb  guy who will be such a great addition to his new family!     

To learn more about Teddy, please email your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.co m and labladies@gmail.com



Meet Benji!! 

This energetic one and a half year old boy is looking for a new home.  He was adopted by a wonderful family who wanted a calm dog and Benji is very active and requires more exercise than they can give him.  The family made it clear Benji is a great dog who loves everyone he meets.  Benji loves other dogs, we aren't sure about cats, loves to go for a walk, loves to play fetch and will bring the ball back, sits, and drops the ball at your feet, and he is completely house trained.  Benji is crate trained. 

If you would like to meet Benji, please email your application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com. 


BEAUTIFUL Betsy is one of the sweetest and easiest girl ever!  Our vet thinks she is approximately ten years old but, she doesn't act her age.  Betsy has an old injury on her left hip and is taking supplements.  But, she lights up when she hears a squeaky toy and loves to play fetch.   She is the perfect house guest, fully house trained, and content to lay at your feet while you work.   

To learn more about Betsy, email your completed application to  luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.


MEXPERIENCED FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED- Greater Charlotte NC area!   Peaches is a VERY SWEET, VERY TIMID one year old Lab mix in need of a patient Foster or Adopter to help her learn to trust strangers and learn about new places and new things .  Peaches belonged to a senior man who didn't socialize her with other people or new places. (she is very dog friendly and in no way aggressive!)  The man has passed away and his family can not take care of Peaches.  When she sees a stranger she stands 20 feet away and barks.  If the person sits down and ignores her while tossing treats, she eventually will come over and take the treats.  The family reports it will take about 3 days for her to warm up to a new person in the home. We will be providing guidance on socializing Peaches through our trainer.  A fenced yard is a must!
When we met her, she did finally take treats and once she realized we were no threat she ran and played in the yard. She is fully vetted, house trained and is ok with a crate.  Peaches will be a WONDERFUL family member with just a little training and socialization. 

To help us, help her please email labladies@gmail.com


Meet AMAZING Luna!  This ENERGETIC, SMART two year old girl is just about the perfect Lab - she loves the water, loves to fetch and is a quick learner! Once she trusts her human, she will go above and beyond to please them and be with them. Luna is totally house and crate trained.  She is good with other dogs (we have not seen her with cats) and good with people although she will bark when someone new comes to the house.  She still needs a little work on the leash but that is easily accomplished with positive reinforcement. Luna will do best in a home where someone is around to exercise her and keep her company.  (or a situation where she can go to work with you) She will make an excellent best friend for the right family!

To learn more about Luna, please email your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com



This one year old girl is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Layla was found wandering and hungry when she ended up in a small, rural shelter.  Now, she is a happy girl who loves being spoiled with belly rubs and treats. Layla knows her basic commands, walks well on the
leash and rides great in the car. She is housetrained and crated
when no-one is home.  Layla loves to play fetch and is an active girl who would do best with a fenced yard and older children.  Layla has been to the dog park several times with no issues, however she is very vocal to dogs when on the leash. She has been doing better with training. She has been in a foster home with other dogs and a cat. A home without cats would be recommended
(depending on cat).  With routine and structure, Layla will achieve her full potential as a
fantastic companion.

If you would like to learn more about Layla, please email your four page application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.  

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


Meet Princess!!  This beautiful, almost four year old girl, was surrendered to us.  Princess is in a foster home with another dog, knows a couple of commands, doesn't jump when greeting you, loves to ride in the car, and needs leash training.  I will get an update soon.      

If you are interested in meeting Princess, please send your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!  FANTASTIC  one and a half year old Remi appears to have lived a tough life.  He is underweight, has a bleached coat, and hasn't received any training.  BUT, Remi's personality trumps it all...  He is super sweet and loves everyone he meets.


To meet this fantastic boy, email your application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.



Meet HANDSOME AND SWEET Sonny!  This FRIENDLY 3 yr old boy found himself as a stray in a small, rural shelter.  No one came for him so we happily offered to rescue him!  Sonny is a typical energetic, enthusiastic Lab that needs some work on basic training but he is a really lovely, smart boy who will learn things quickly.  He has that big block head and stockier build associated with the English Labs and he LOVES to sit in your lap.  With just a little time, this guy is going to make a fantastic new family member!  

To learn more about Sonny, please send your completed adoption application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


MMeet BEAUTIFUL Daisy!  This STUNNING 6 yr old girl was surrendered to the shelter by her people.  We can only guess what her previous life was like to make her so scared but we do know she was absolutely TERRIFIED at the shelter, to the point of almost shutting down.... She is now in a foster home and has started to open up but is still very timid but extremely SWEET!  She has been terrific with the other dog in the house and stays very close to her foster parents. Daisy is going to need a quiet home with LOVING, PATIENT  people and a fenced yard  to help her learn that everything is going to be WONDERFUL from here on out!  

To learn more about Daisy, please email your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com


Meet Deke!  He is a super sweet nine month old boy who apparently was kept in a crate for the majority of the time and seems to have some developmental issues in his front legs.  He is still able to run and play but his front feet curve inwards.  He is very friendly with both people and other dogs, energetic, and sweet.  He was in a temp foster home where a cat lived and he was interested in the cat but not aggressively so.  He appears to be house trained and God bless him, he is crate trained.....              .    

If you would like to meet Deke, please send your completed application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com