Meet Lucky!!  This handsome eight month old boy has a great personality with lots of puppy energy.  Lucky's happy go lucky demeanor will have you smitten with him quickly.  Lucky is great with other dogs, will bark at cats, house trained, crate trained, and knows basic commands.  Lucky would do best in a home with a fenced yard.        

​If you would like to meet Lucky, please send your four page adoption application to and



FOSTER NEEDED!  Meet super sweet Bailey.  She was surrendered to us for no fault of her own.  Her family was very sad to let her go.  The owner got her from a backyard breeder and said she is a lab golden mix.  Bailey is one and a half years old and has a loving personality.  She is house trained, crate trained, crated when alone in the house, rode in her crate in the car without a peep, and knows a few basic commands.  I introduced Bailey to my dog and she was non reactive.  The owner said she loved to play with other dogs at the park and lived with a small dog.  

If you are interested in Bailey, please email your completed 4 page application to and


FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet BEAUTIFUL Denali!!  This fabulous seven year old girl has been in boarding at our vet for three weeks.  So, we don't know much about her.  Denali met my personal dog with tail wagging and friendly posture.  She is strong on the leash and very active. 

UPDATE!!  Denali is awesome in her foster home.  She is great with other dogs, loves to play fetch, is house trained, and just about perfect! 

To meet Denali, please send your four page adoption application to



FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!  Very Special home needed for a VERY SPECIAL  6 month old girl! Ella is still with us from the last litter of puppies we took in from a very bad situation.  Ella is a BEAUTIFUL, SWEET girl who is leary of strangers (barks at them). All the pups we took from that situation had some degree of fear because they were not exposed to people until we took them.  Its just so sad.... but once she gets to know you, she is a FUNNY and AFFECTIONATE little pup! Ella LOVES to play with other dogs, and CUDDLES with her human brother at night. She warms up most quickly to women but is getting better with men.  
Ella needs a home with a fenced yard, another playful dog and a human ready to continue teaching her that people are not so scary after all. She is very food motivated and knows a couple of commands. This PRECIOUS girl needs her human - will you be the one??

To FOSTER Ella, please email
To ADOPT Ella, please email your completed application to and


Ram is a super sweet three year old boy who was rescued from a puppy mill.  He came to us along with his sister Rose.  Ram is in a foster home with another dogs, has quickly learned house manners, and basic commands.  He is super smart and so wants to please.  The picture was taken of Ram and Rose during the ride from the shelter to Charlotte. 

This is from the foster family.   Ram is housebroken, crate trained, can sit and can shake.  He is a big-time shadow dog. He loves cuddling and attention.  He does well with other dogs, but needs periodic breaks from playing with them when playing, etc.  He’s OK on a leash, but could use a little training with that.  He is really very easy and sweet.
I would say the biggest thing is it’s just giving him a chance to get to know a dog before they play together too much, etc.

If you would like to meet Ram, please send your four page adoption application to and 



​FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet Goose!!  This sweet boy was found abandoned in the woods adjacent to a property being developed by a good samaritan.  Goose was reported to local animal control but no one came looking for him.  Our vet estimates Goose is two and a half years old;  He is good with other dogs;  He is okay on the leash and in the car.  Goose is crate trained, appears to be house trained, and has a calm demeanor.           

To FOSTER please email
To ADOPT please send your completed 4 page application to and​


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet handsome Harris.  This young guy, born 7/9/22, was surrendered to us by his owner.  The previous owner couldn't handle the chewing so Harris became an outdoor dog.  The paperwork states Harris is a goldendoodle but I think he is more golden retriever.  Harris is super cute and SUPER WILD.  He loves everyone he meets including dogs.  Harris sleeps in his crate at night and anytime the foster family is out of the house.  The perfect adopter for Harris needs to be committed to daily training,  super active, committed to making Harris a valued family member, and a fenced yard.



To be considered for adoption, please email your four page adoption application to and



Meet Raven!!  She is a seven year old super sweet girl and very active for her age. She takes treats gently; Is house trained, crate trained, and for the most part obedient.  She walks good on the leash.  She does try to hump other dogs in the home but otherwise does well with other dogs.  More information to come soon.          

To meet Raven, please email your completed application to and



Nala is a beautiful lab mix dog. She has this breeds shiny black coat and classic profile.Nala is quiet and observant, especially outside as she watches and listens for wildlife.  Nala loves to nap on my bed while I watch tv.
She is usually close to me around the house and if not comes quickly when called by name. Nala has had no accidents inside and goes promptly when let out.  She is a quick eater who does well in her crate. Nala has a start but needs more work on her leash walking.  I understand she is fearful of men. She needs to be an only dog as her reaction to other dogs is unpredictable.  Usually Nala is ok around other dogs but has attacked with no warning or observable provocation.   
Nala is a lovable dog who deserves a good home.

Nala is a very obedient girl. She is caring, loving and a snuggle buddy;  Loves to sleep on couch or bed next to you;  
She is good on her walks, doesn’t pull but stays next to you;  .Little skittish to stranger male approaching her but is learning to trust slowly;  She is very good with kids; Needs to be only dog in the household;  She is potty trained, and takes good naps, can stay alone at house and will just lay in her bed and wait for you to come home after her short naps .
She is very good with her food but also loves treats . she would do best with a single person or retired couple that has a very quiet house with little traffic.

She is still very wary of strangers.


Would be best in a home with a woman. She is GREAT with foster mom.

To meet Nala contact
Dorsey at


​ ​ADOPTER NEEDED!  Beautiful one year old Oakley is a happy girl who greets you with her tail going full speed.  Oakley is great with everyone she meets and loves to play with other dogs.  She knows many commands and pulls on the leash especially when she wants to greet someone.  Oakley is house trained, crate trained, and enjoys a car ride.  Oakley must have a fenced yard, an active person who will exercise her daily, and another dog in the house would be great.      

To meet Oakley, please email your four page adoption application to