Meet Jazzy!!  This beautiful girl is the mother to the puppies up for adoption.  Jazzy is three years old and she is sooooo sweet.   Regardless of having lived outside, she is house trained and we’ve had no accidents!  She does great in her crate when we leave - we even left her out in the house with a baby gate up when we left once and she did awesome!  Jazzy wandered around between the doors for a little and then finally laid down - how awesome. She walks great on the leash. Might need a little reactivity training as she gets excited when she sees another dog when we’re out on a walk.  She’s pretty even energy I would say - not super hyper or energetic but will play when she goes outside (stealing the ball from her foster sister so she’ll chase her), and then lays down and chills when we get inside.  She’s got sit and lay down pretty much nailed too!  Really great girl!  

​If you would like to meet Jazzy, please send your four page adoption application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.




Meet handsome seven  month old, dob 2/6/22, Palmer!  This wonderful boy was surrendered to a local shelter......  yep, hard to believe.....  Palmer is full of personality, loves other dogs and everyone he meets.  He rode quietly in a crate and knows one basic command.  Yes, he is in need of training and a home where he will get lots of exercise. It's not Palmer's fault he was let down by his person.....   A fenced yard is a must.       

To meet Palmer, please email your completed application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.



URGENT FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!!! LOSING CURRENT FOSTER and we can not use our boarding facility right now due to the Upper Respiratory Infection affecting so many of our pups! 
Meet HANDSOME Buck! IF you are looking for a new BEST FRIEND this is your guy! Buck is a 3.5 year old, 75 lb GORGEOUS boy with SO much to offer his new family!  Buck is a SMART, FOOD MOTIVATED pup who LOVES to swim (see vidoes on FB and Instagram) and play fetch! He is also an excellent car rider. Buck was originally found on a 600 ac hunting tract when he was a year old so we suspect he is from a hunting bloodline and he is ready to be trained. He has a lot of energy but he is able to settle in the house. He would love a home with an active person or family who wants to work with him.  He is house trained and crate trained, settles nicely on his bed at night (snores a little - lol) and enjoys his daily peanutbutter kong. Buck has a history of seizures which are nicely controlled with his current medication (cost is about $25 a month). Buck MUST have a fenced yard. He will also need leash work as he is a strong puller! Buck was previously in a home with another dog but he has not been around other dogs while with us. We will be dog testing him soon but for now, a home with no other dogs or a chill other dog is preferable.  Buck is appropriate for a home with children 12 and over.

If you are interested in FOSTERING Buck please email labladies@gmail.com.  If you have a current foster app on file, please indicate this.

If you are interested in ADOPTING  Buck, please email your completed 4 page application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com


​ ​ADOPTER NEEDED! Precious 7 year old Cooper was found sitting in the middle of the road in pretty bad shape. He was mostly hairless, his skin was red and inflamed and his ears were incredibly infected!  A Good Samaritan picked him up and managed to locate his family who explained due to an unfortunate change in circumstances, they had put Cooper outside to live and apparently he had allergies. Despite his poor appearance and obvious discomfort, he was still the SWEETEST, most AFFECTIONATE boy ever! One of our AWESOME fosters has Cooper and has been diligently working to help him recover and heal. He still has some healing to do but he is SO much better and we think he is ready to find his new home! He will need some continued assistance with his skin and allergies but he has come so far. This what the foster has to say about him-

Cooper is a sweet and loyal companion who wants nothing more than to be with his people. After spending time as an outside dog, he quickly learned how to be in a home again.  He loves to lay in his crate or on the couch for naps but is energetic and enthusiastic when its time to go for a walk.  He is strong so wears a harness.  He loves everyone he meets on our walks, is good with small and big dogs and just wants to be loved on by people.  We are working on impulse control as he is extremely food motivated and when he hears the dog food come out, he jumps around like a bucking bronco.  LOL! He knows sit and is doing his very best to learn stay.  He is being fostered with another lab and a greyhound and they play very nicely together. He likes his toys and when we come home he brings us his favorite toy.  He is on medication for his skin and ear conditions and takes meds very well and is pretty good with his baths.  He loves to play tug of war with the towel when he is being dried :)   He really enjoys hanging out in his crate so we leave the door open and he can go in and out as he pleases.  At night, he is in the crate and very quiet. He doesn't have accidents in the house and will quickly go outside to do his business but then is right back to get in the house.  Given his previous living evironment, he was not fond of spending anytime outside. (except his walks) but has recently learned that playtime outside can be so much FUN! He does like being with other dogs and would benefit from having another dog in the house so he doesn't feel alone. This sweet boy maybe 7 but definitely acts like a puppy at times. 


To meet Cooper, please email your fout page adoption application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED! Meet HANDSOME  Miller! This AFFECTIONATE 1.5 to 2 yr old boy is carefree and and FUN LOVING! He adores his humans and LOVES to be close by them. He is SMART and eager to please! He would make an excellent office mate for a work from home person. Miller is crate trained, knows a few commands (sit, stay, come) and is doing great with his leash training!  He is very good with other dogs but will chase cats. Miller would do best with an active person/family to help burn off his young energy. He is appropirate for children 12 and over. He is going to be a wonderful family member. A fenced yard is a MUST for this AWESOME boy. . 

To meet Miller, please send your four page adoption application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.




Nala is a beautiful lab mix dog. She has this breeds shiny black coat and classic profile.Nala is quiet and observant, especially outside as she watches and listens for wildlife.  Nala loves to nap on my bed while I watch tv.
She is usually close to me around the house and if not comes quickly when called by name. Nala has had no accidents inside and goes promptly when let out.  She is a quick eater who does well in her crate. Nala has a start but needs more work on her leash walking.  I understand she is fearful of men. She needs to be an only dog as her reaction to other dogs is unpredictable.  Usually Nala is ok around other dogs but has attacked with no warning or observable provocation.   
Nala is a lovable dog who deserves a good home.

Nala is a very obedient girl. She is caring, loving and a snuggle buddy;  Loves to sleep on couch or bed next to you;  
She is good on her walks, doesn’t pull but stays next to you;  .Little skittish to stranger male approaching her but is learning to trust slowly;  She is very good with kids; Needs to be only dog in the household;  She is potty trained, and takes good naps, can stay alone at house and will just lay in her bed and wait for you to come home after her short naps .
She is very good with her food but also loves treats . she would do best with a single person or retired couple that has a very quiet house with little traffic.

She is still very wary of strangers.


Would be best in a home with a woman. She is GREAT with foster mom.

To meet Nala contact
Dorsey at dcpphoto@aol.com


ADOPTER NEEDED! Meet ADORABLE Ella  [❤]   This 4 month old girl from Jazzy's litter is looking for her forever home.  PRECIOUS Ella is so SWEET and still a little shy- especially with males- but once she warms up to you she is SUPER AFFECTIONATE!  Ella absolutely ADORES other dogs and loves to run and play with them!  She is such a wonderful little pup who knows a couple of commands, is very interested in the water and is very treat motivated!  She has been crated and is working on her house training.  One of our wonderful trainers has been working with her on being less shy with new people and situations.  Ella would do best in a home with another playful dog, a fenced yard and children over 12.  This amazing girl is going to be a AWESOME addition to her new home.     

To meet Ella, please email your four page adoption application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.



​Meet   ADOPTER NEEDED! MEET HANDSOME 7 year old Bleu!  Bleu was found wandering and picked up by Animal Control.  Sadly, no one came for this PERFECT boy and we were more than happy to take him into Lucky Labs.  He was very skinny when we got him but he is filing out well.  He is SUPER FRIENDLY with both humans and other dogs. His only issue is he can scale a 4 ft chain link fence so a different fence will be required.  His Foster mom has this to say about Bleu- 
Bleu is doing great!  Loving life. Seems very healthy and happy. He is very well-mannered, housebroken and gentle.  He doesn’t jump on people.  Loves his humans and gets very attached.  Also he gets along very well with my male lab.  He sits nicely and walks fairly well on a leash. He was extremely well behaved for his bath.  He absolutely loves to play in water. Sprinklers and hoses offer great entertainment.  He also likes to play with lots of dog toys. He has a really sweet disposition.  His one challenge is learning to stay in the yard.  He can scale a chain link fence easily if there is something he wants on the other side.  He would make a great family dog.  He has to have a 5 ft or higher privacy fence which I think is the standard.

To meet Bleu. please email your four page adoption application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.



ADOPTER NEEDED! Meet ADORABLE, 6 yr old Sassy! This SWEET girl was surrendered to the shelter for reasons unknown...it's such a shock because she is AWESOME!  Sassy is FRIENDLY with everyone - humans, other dogs and she even ignored the neighborhood cat.  She is house trained and crate trained, although her foster doesn't crate her at all.  She doesn't get up onto the furniture and we've never heard her bark.  Sassy LOVES being outside so a fenced yard is preferred. Sassy has two quirks-if she is on the leash and doesn't want to go where you are headed, she will lay down and just look at you  [😂]  and she does not like slippery floors and will run from one rug to the other. Aside from those two minor things, we think she is PERFECT!.                  


To be considered for adoption, please email your four page adoption application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


​FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED! Meet PRECIOUS Maple! This SWEET 1 year old girl was found wandering, alone and frightened. She was picked up by Animal
Control and was taken to the scary, loud shelter… poor, sweet little baby! The shelter could see she was an AMAZING girl who was just so afraid and they reached out to us. Of course we HAD to help her! She has been in a temp foster home for almost a week and is absolutely flourishing! She LOVES the other dogs in the home and happily runs and plays with them in the fenced yard. She seems to be house trained, is great in her crate at night and while her temp foster parents are away and she is learning some commands. Maple is very AFFECTIONATE, good on the leash, and eager to please. She also LOVES belly rubs! Maple is still a puppy and will jump up so a home with children over 12 will be appropriate for her.

To FOSTER please email labladies@gmail.com.
To ADOPT please send your completed 4 page application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com​



Ram is a super sweet three year old boy who was rescued from a puppy mill.  He came to us along with his sister Rose.  Ram is in a foster home with another dogs, has quickly learned house manners, and basic commands.  He is super smart and so wants to please.  The picture was taken of Ram and Rose during the ride from the shelter to Charlotte. 

This is from the foster family.   Ram is housebroken, crate trained, can sit and can shake.  He is a big-time shadow dog. He loves cuddling and attention.  He does well with other dogs, but needs periodic breaks from playing with them when playing, etc.  He’s OK on a leash, but could use a little training with that.  He is really very easy and sweet.
I would say the biggest thing is it’s just giving him a chance to get to know a dog before they play together too much, etc.

If you would like to meet Ram, please send your four page adoption application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.