Buddy is a loving, loyal senior who is looking for a home where he can relax. He loves to take naps, play with a ball, belly rubs, and be with his people. He takes a few minutes to relax in a crate, but prefers to be in an open space, the closer to you the better. He is interested in other dogs, but doesn’t try to engage in play. Buddy is approximately 12 years old. He is mostly deaf, and has arthritis, but he still enjoys short walks and time in the yard. He does better on surfaces where he can grip, like carpet & grass. He is somewhat clumsy on tile and linoleum, but area rugs give him the traction he needs. We are working on getting on a regular schedule for taking care of business through a consistent diet and feeding time, as well as scheduled walks and have already made great strides. Buddy is neutered and heart worm negative. If you’re looking for a calm, loving, companion, this boy is for you!. 

If you would like to meet

Buddy, please email a completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com.



TMeet GORGEOUS Daisy and Beau!  These two amazing Labs were owner surrenders to us when the family was moving into a condo and couldn't take this fantastic pair. They have been together for 7 years and we want to find them a home together.  Both dogs were EXTREMELY overweight when we first took them in but with the help of their wonderful foster family, they are looking really good!
Beau is a handsome, gentle, affectionate and charming 8 year old boy.  His foster home has two teenage boys, young visitors, two other dogs, a guinea pig and a cat and Beau gets along with everyone! He was trained in his prior home and is great on a leash (even with 2 other dogs!) and knows basic commands.  He loves to go for walks (not runs!) and loves to ride in the car. He is content to lay right beside you and chill or mosey around the yard with the family! He is house trained and lets you know when he needs to go out. He is looking for his forever home where he can be an active part of a loving, affectionate family!


Meet Rudy!!  This sweet  three year old boy, previously named Goofy, has a happy playful personality.  He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  Rudy has been neglected much of his life but is not anymore.  He is in a foster home with other dogs and getting lots of love from his foster mom.  Rudy loves to play fetch with his favorite toy.          

If you would like to meet Rudy, please email your completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


​​Meet BEAUTIFUL Zoe!  this amazing 5 year old girl was abandoned in a back yard with five other dogs when the owner moved and just left them!  Fortunately, a Good Samaritan stepped in and contacted us to help.  
Zoe is one of the SWEETEST dogs we've ever had the pleasure to rescue!  She is fantastic with all other dogs, is mild mannered, rides beautifully in the car and has been perfect in her foster home.  She follows her foster mom around everywhere but is not needy.  She barked at the cat to begin with but now just ignores her. She absolutely LIGHTS UP when a stuffed toy or ball are present!  
To learn more about this AMAZING girl, please email your completed application to labladies@gmail.com and llradoptions@gmail.com



ADOPTER NEEDED!  Handsome Trace is a one year old boy with the most endearing personality that wraps around your heart instantly.  Trace was a stray and had been treated badly by another dog as you can see the scars and bruises on his face.  He is in a foster home with several other dogs and loves them all.  The foster mom said his tail never stops, loves other dogs and would do best in a home with a friend.  We will update the bio soon.

If you are interested in meeting Trace, email labladies@gmail.com and  llradoptions@gmail.com.


​Meet Bagel.  This sweet one year old boy was picked up as a stray along with his brother and sadly no one came looking for them.  We are going to adopt Bagel and Basil together.  Bagel has the sweetest most gentle temperament with everyone he meets.  He adores other dogs and wants to engage in playing.  Bagel has the most important ingredient, awesome temperament, to become the best dog you have ever owned.  Bagel stole my heart quickly and will be a valued member of almost any family with structure and a little training.      

If you would like to foster or adopt Bagel, email llradoptions@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


It is simply impossible not to love Rebel the minute you meet him.  He is a handsome seven year old black lab with a winning personality and a head tilt that will melt your heart.   Rebel wants nothing more than to be your best friend.  Rebel’s foster mom has spent a lot of time with him and thinks he is perfect.  He is very gentle and always wants to be near you, but not in a needy way.  He has complete run of the house, is remarkably polite with his food, knows basic commands, walks nicely on a leash, rides calmly in the car, rarely barks and gets along great with other dogs.  Rebel loves to play with his toys but is just as happy napping on the couch with you.  Rebel needs to gain some more weight but is looking great.  He does not seem to like cats so might be best in a home without one.   

If you would like to meet Rebel, email our four page adoption application to labladies@gmail.com and llradoptions@gmail.com.


Meet AWESOME Cora!  Cora is a 6 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Lab mix with a wonderful personality!  She is very social, good with other dogs, and she LOVES to walk and hike.  She is especially fond of the tennis ball and will entertain herself by throwing the ball into the air and then chasing it!  It is HILARIOUS!  Cora is very good in the house and she doesn't need to be crated when left.  This girl is an EXCELLENT companion!

To learn more about Cora, please email your completed application to


This handsome two year  boy is looking for his forever home.  Tonka has an incredible personality loving everyone he meets.  Tonka was picked up as a stray and his family never come looking for him.  Tonka came to us about fifteen pounds underweight with skin allergies.  He is already gaining weight and on meds for his skin.  Tonka needs training for he doesn't know commands and pulls on a leash.  With a little tlc, Tonka will be a huge asset to any home.            

If you would like to meet Tonka, please email your application to llradoptions@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


Jacks, a two year old handsome boy, is completely house broken and learned the dog door in a day though he would rather be inside with his people.  He can be trusted in the house while you are out, no need for a crate.  He can carry three toys or two tennis balls in his mouth at once.  If you want to chill, he is happy to.  He has gotten along with every dog he has come in contact with.  He is perfect with the exception of pulling on the leash which we are working on.  He is learning fetch and how to swim.  He  is going to make someone a great best friend!  He is able to jump so a tall fence is recommended.

​UPDATE!!   Jacks still needs a some training on leash (good on a gentle leader and getting better without it).   I started teaching him fetch which he gets but then he gets hot and wants to go in.  He loves to go on hikes too....essentially, he loves to be by his people.  Great in the house.  He would be good with kids over 7.  He barked one loud bark a few times when a toddler walked by at the brewery, more of a "what the heck was that? bark than anything.  He is happy as long as he is able to be on the couch.  His next family must not have a problem with him jumping on the couch.  I have deliberately tortured him, pulling ears, blowing in his face etc....nothing.  He is a lab though: doesn't respect personal space, underfoot, messy, and loves food.  He will sit and wait for the OK to eat from his bowl.

To meet Jacks, please email your application to labladies@gmail.com.



​​Meet Yoda!!  Yoda is the most ADOREABLE 6 month old girl you could ask for!  She is super friendly with everyone and everything and she LOVES to play and  cuddle!  She is an EXCELLENT swimmer and tennis ball fetcher.  She has been known to paddle board with her foster mom.  She is house trained to a doggie door, happy and healthy!  She would love a home with another dog to play with!  We think she will be a fairly big girl when fully grown because she has some big feet for her age.

To learn more about Yoda, please email your completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com.



FOSTER WILLING TO TRAIN DESPERATELY NEEDED!!   Meet Chandler!  We took this sweet, young boy from an outside kennel in the DIRECT PATH of Hurricane Florence!  He is a mix of many things but he has a VERY SWEET BOY inside him. He has obviously not had much training in his young life - we estimate him at 1.5 years, but he is very treat motivated, craves attention and wants to please.  He enjoys playing fetch and is good with other dogs.  He will not be good with younger children at this time as he is too energetic.  We desperately need to get him out of boarding and into a foster home.  We have a trainer on board already working with Chandler.

If you can help Chandler, please email labladies@gmail.com and llradoptions@gmail.com

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


Boomer is a very handsome two year old boy who was surrendered to the shelter.  He is energetic, okay not great on a leash, appears to be house trained, rides quietly in the car, good with other dogs, and is learning basic commands.         

To learn more about Boomer, please send your completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com.



Meet Basil.  This wonderful one year old boy was picked up as a stray along with his brother.  We are adopting Basil and Bagel together.  Basil is super sweet with an outgoing personality.  He is great with other dogs and loves everyone he meets.  With a little training, Basil will become a valued member of any family.    

If you would like to adopt Basil, please email your completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com


Oakley is a HANDSOME 

Husky.  He is currently being cared for by a wonderful couple until we find his forever home.  Oakley is such a sweet boy, loves everyone, cats, dogs, and people.  He was with another dog for about 7 years and would love a buddy to play with,  If someone didn’t work, he would be happy being a only child to get all the love.  He doesn’t like you to raise your voice.  He whines when he wants attention and barks a couple barks to go out to the bathroom.  He is up to date on all shots and on prevention for fleas and heart worms.  He loves soft foods and canned food.  Loves to take walks but we have never let him run off leash. A fenced in yard would be great so he can go out to do his thing. 
He does not like his picture made I guess you can tell.                              

If you would like to meet Oakley, email llradoptions@gmail.com.


Meet Daisy, a sweet, loving 7 year old chocolate female. She loves to go for walks and runs and loves to play fetch.  She is house trained and loves to hang out in her crate which she considers her safe space.  Daisy must have a fenced yard, no exceptions, where she can hang out with her new family.  She is a playful, affectionate girl! She is selective about her dog friends but is terrific with Beau.

If you would like to meet Beau and Daisy, please email a completed adoption application to labladies@gmail.com.



ADOPTER needed!  JD is a beautiful 4 year old boy weighing 57 lbs.  He currently lives with children and other dogs.  He is a good listener, smart and sweet in comfortable situations.  He is not crated.  He has gone to doggy camp (50+ dogs) a few times and he did great and enjoyed playing. He is accommodating to visitors (human and dog) to the house.  JD and the neighbor's dog decided they don't like each other so the family has decided to rehome him.  JD has a bundle of energy. He loves to run and run and run!  He is great at playing fetch and loves to go for boat rides.  He does not like to swim, but does know how.  He plays well with the other dogs in the house and is tolerant of new puppies too!  He is an inside dog and smart enough to wait until owners are asleep before he jumps in bed with someone!    

To learn more about JD, please send your completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.

Scooby Doo

Meet Scooby Doo!!  This is a very sweet six year old boy with a wonderful personality that fits his one hundred pound body!  The term gentle giant fits Scooby perfectly.  He was in a temp foster home before coming to Charlotte.  Scooby is great with all dogs, loves people, is house trained, doesn't need to be crated when alone, and loves to go for a ride with you.  He is just about perfect!

If you would like to meet Scooby Doo, email a completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com.