Monte is an eight month old very sweet and handsome boy!  He is great with other dogs, loves to play, needs a home with a fenced yard without exception, and is learning basic commands.  He appears to be house trained and crate trained,

If you would like to meet Monte, email  



Ayden, one year old, is a happy go lucky kind of boy!    Ayden and Zayden were picked up by animal control after someone left them in a church parking lot.  Ayden is super friendly, tries to get in your lap, snuggles as if he is trying to hug you, and rolls over for a belly rub.  With a little training, Ayden will be an valued member of any family.  Ayden is in a foster home with other dogs and house trained.      

To learn more about Ayden, please send a completed application to 


 Charlie Brown Bear ​​a handsome six year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He was found in very rough shape and has blossomed into a wonderful, loving dog in his foster home. He is house trained, loves other dogs, and has done well with foster kittens.  Because of Charlie's past he is very shy to new people and things at first so will need a patient forever home. He would not be a great hiking buddy, but is a great companion and playmate for another dog! Charlie would love a quiet home with a fenced yard to help him best adjust to a new home. He loves laying in the sun, morning zoomies in the yard and sneaking on your bed when you aren't home. 

If you would like to meet Charlie, email


Disney is a sweet, playful four month old boy.  He has a fun outgoing personality.  He loves playing with his friends at his foster home.  He is very smart and a quick learner.       

If you would like to meet Disney, please email a completed application to



FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!!  Meet PRECIOUS  Sissy!  This adorable 5 month old girl was headed to a small rural shelter with her sister Missy when a good Samaritan asked us for help.  We think Sissy is a Lab/Flat Coat mix.  She is very LOVING and SWEET but a little more shy than her sister.  She will do best in a home with another dog to follow around.  She also needs to be introduced to leash walking and living indoors but she is a WONDERFUL little girl and will adjust quickly!  

To learn more about Missy, please email your completed application to and


Meet Poppy!!  This beautiful four year old girl was surrendered to animal control.  Poppy is a sweetheart!  I can't imagine how anyone could leave her.  Poppy is in a foster home with other dogs and loves the company.  The foster mom wrote this.  ·        Such a sweet girl!!·    Poppy is very laid back, house trained,  crate trained,  great with the other dogs, curiously respectful with the cat, not a lot of interest in toys or balls,  very submissive, sensitive to raised voices and new sounds,  very timid and skiddish on leash walks, recommend fenced yard, working on basic commands, and  I think she would do best in home with other dogs.   I would probably recommend older children due to timidness.

If you would like to meet Poppy, please email a completed application to


FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet ADORABLE Missy!  Missy and her sister, Sissy, were headed to a small rural  shelter when a good Samaritan intervened and asked us for help.  This pretty little girl is around 5 months old and appears to be a Lab/Flat Coat mix.  She is playful and outgoing and very affectionate with people and LOVES other dogs.  Currently, Missy doesn't understand walking on a leash but will follow along if another dog is leading. She will need to learn how to be indoors but we are SURE she will LOVE it once she is there!
To learn more about Missy, please email your completed application to


​Raider is 9 years old and a former hunting companion. He was field trained, but had to retire from the field due to his loss of sight. Other than his vision, he is in great shape weighing in at 70 lbs and shows no signs of slowing down. He is very active. What he lacks in vision, he makes up for in affection. He knows no stranger and is great with other dogs and children. On leash, he heels well and behaves off leash (although he needs the leash more as a guide now). He is both house trained and crate trained. He prefers to be near someone and is calm indoors once he has a general idea of his surroundings.

If you will please consider giving Raider a home,  please email an application to




Meet LOVELY Hadley!  This beautiful four month old little girl came in with her sister Hannah.  She is a little shy at first (when not with her sister Hannah) but soon tries to sit in your lap and cuddle!  She is also playful a total darling!  Hadley was born blind in one eye but it doesn't slow her down one bit- it just makes her more precious!  

If you would like to meet Hadley, please email your completed application to


Opal and Pearl


Meet Opal and Pearl!!  These beautiful 1.5 year old girls were turned into the shelter because they weren't good with farm animals. Both girls are super sweet, know commands, do not jump on you when greeting you, and are good around other dogs. We were at an adoption event surrounded by lots of dogs and both girls were super sweet and loved everyone they met.  They appear to be house trained.   

If you would like to meet Opal and Pearl, email and


This handsome eight month old boy is in a foster home with other dogs, a cat, and children.  He is house trained, crate trained, knows a few commands, is good on the leash, and would love a fenced back yard to run and play in.     

If you would like to meet Lee, email a completed application to 



ADOPTER needed!!  Meet Zayden!  This delightful, sweet one year old boy was picked up as a stray along with Ayden and no one came looking for them at the shelter.  Zayden has a great personality, knows basic commands, is crate trained, house trained, and loves his house mates at his foster home.  Zayden will fit into almost any home!     

To meet Zayden, please send your completed application (available to download on our website) to



Carolina is a super sweet and loving eight month old girl.  She was surrendered to a local shelter by her owner because she was chasing the chickens.  Carolina is in a temp foster home will be transferred to Charlotte this weekend.  Carolina's foster mom wrote this about her.  She has not had a single accident in the house, no chewing, is content in her crate at night and when alone, and happy in a fenced yard.  Carolina has lots of puppy energy, loves to run and play in the yard with my dog, knows a couple of commands, and comes when you call her.

If you would like to meet Carolina, email a completed application to


Meet Midnight!!  This adorable 1.5 year old girl was picked up as a stray along with her puppies.  She is super sweet and is now looking for her forever home. She is good with other dogs and knows a couple of commands.  Midnight's foster mom loves her.  Midnight is house trained, great with other dogs, and has certainly lived in a house before.      

To learn more about Midnight, please email your completed application to



                                      Sweet Bonnie was picked up with her mommy and is now looking for her forever home. She is super sweet, beautiful, and has typical puppy energy. Bonnie is in a foster home with other dogs.  The vet think she is approximately 4 months old.                                  
If you would like to meet Bonnie, email a completed application to

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


Meet Handsome Bear!  This 8 year old boy had NOT had a very good life before coming to us.  Taken from a small, rural shelter he was EXTREMELY scared - afraid of nearly everything.  He has been with a wonderful foster mom who has shown him patience and love and Bear is finally beginning to know what it is like to be a dog!  He LOVES to walk around the block and chase squirrels in the back yard and typical Lab, he LOVES his food!  Bear is quiet and easy in the house.    His foster mom reports that "once he trust you he is lovely funny guy who just looking for a safe place to lay his head."
We are looking for a PATIENT and LOVING  home to continue working with Bear and showing him how fulfilling life can be. He would do best in a home with a "cool" dog his age or older to help show him the ropes and no children or cats.  Watching this boy develop into a confident and happy dog will be a reward like no other! 

If interested in meeting Bear, please email a complete application to and


Keegan is the TOTAL PACKAGE!!!  This handsome boy, born  6/7/08, has a very endearing personality.  Keegan is house trained, great with other dogs, walks good on the leash, rides great in the car, LOVES the water, and LOVES to play fetch. Keegan will fit into almost any home!         

If you would like to meet Keegan, please email a completed application to  


FOSTER or ADOPTER NEEDED!!  Lillie is a beautiful, smart and SWEET 4 year old girl!  Picked up as a stray, she waited and waited for her owners to pick her up. Even though she was microchipped, no one came for her...and we just can't imagine why!!!  This is one awesome girl- she appears to be house trained, LOVED to snuggle, is GREAT with people and enjoys other dogs. She is very quick to learn and is eager to please. She is good in the leash unless she sees a person she needs to greet.
She was overweight when she came to us but is slimming down nicely. She loves to walk and will make an excellent companion for just about anyone! 

To learn more about Lillie, please send your completed app to and 



Sweet Clyde is super sweet and a little shy when first meeting you but doesn't take long for his tail to be going full speed.  He is four months old and is also looking for his forever home after being picked up with his mom and sister.  He is in a foster home and loves his other four legged friends!

If you would like to meet Clyde, email  a completed application to


Meet beautiful Mattie!  Mattie is a sweet, smart one year old girl looking for the right forever home.  Mattie is a medium energy girl that enjoys the company of other dogs, LOVES her walks and finds a quiet spot to ride out thunder storms.  She is a bunny chaser of the highest quality and needs a fenced yard to practice her skills.  Her foster mom reports she is excellent in the house - very calm and easy.  Mattie has had some trauma in her short life and tends to be very fearful of men but we are confident that with training and patience she will be able to overcome this.  So for the time being, she would do best in a home with females willing to help this amazing girl become all she can be!  We will provide guidance and training on just how to build up Mattie's confidence.  

If you would like to meet Mattie, email a completed application to and    


This adorable boy is looking for his forever home.  Sisko is four months old, loves to play with his foster friends, LOVES the water, and is house trained on a doggy door.  Sisko goes to the lake every Sunday morning with his foster mom and friends.  He loves to ride on the paddle board!!  He is very sweet and loving.   He would fit into almost any home.     

If you are interested in meeting Sisko, email a completed application to