Meet Jag!!  This handsome 11 year old boy is looking for his forever home.  Jag was adopted from a local shelter as a puppy and surrendered back to the shelter after eleven years....  Poor boy is very sad and looking for some kind of normalcy in life.  Jag spent one night with me and stole my heart.  He is very sweet, panted non stop for the first few hours but settled down and slept quietly by my bed without a peep until morning.  Jag is house trained, knows a few commands, and loves to ride in the car.  He has been wonderful with every dog.   Jag is doing great with his leash training and is now a joy to take for a walk!!  Jag is almost perfect!                 

To meet Jag, please email your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.

Mattie and Smokey

Meet GORGEOUS AND SWEET 11 yr old Mattie (red collar) and Smokey (blue collar).  These two bonded littermates find themselves in need of a new forever home after their mom had to move into assisted living.  These STUNNING Golden Doodles are fully vetted, fully trained and PERFECT in the home.  Both LOVE affection and want to be near their humans. However, Smokey is not good with very small dogs (he appears to think they are stuffed toys!) Considering this, we would also not recommend he be around cats .  They have done well with the large dog in their foster home but would frankly be happier with just them in the house.  A fenced yard is highly recommended! Losing their mom of 11 years and losing their home has been really difficult for them.  They need a place to ensure they will never have to move again! 

If you are in a position to take BOTH of these LOVELY seniors and give them their final retirement home, please email your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


Sadly, Watson crossed the rainbow bridge today.  He had a huge tumor on the spleen and, due to other health issues, it couldn't be removed.  Probably the saddest part, it's all sad, is Watson's previous owner is a heartless individual who totally failed this sweet boy.  Watson clearly lived a life of neglect.  All he wanted was to be loved.  Run free sweet boy!!

Watson is a 9 year old boy who has been let down by the people he trusted the most. Watson is broken and sad. As you can see from the pictures, Watson has lived a hard life full of neglect but nothing good vet care and steady supply of food will not fix. We need a foster home or forever home to shower Watson with love.  He is good with other dogs and all people.   

To foster Watson, please email labladies@gmail.com.  To adopt, please email your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


Meet Chief!!  He is a wonderful 6 year old boy who was found wandering in a shopping center parking lot.  He eventually ended up at the shelter and we stepped in to help.  We think he is a pure bred pyrenees.  He weighs 96 pounds and is very underweight.  Chief's foster sent this update.  He does need a fenced yard, seems to have some roaming behavior. Chief is very treat motivated but takes them hard.  The foster has two dogs and he loves to run and play with them and he appears to be house trained.

If you would like to be considered to adopt Chief, please email luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.


Hogan is a handsome two  year old boy with an awesome personality!  Hogan loves everyone he meets, get really excited when he meets other dogs,  sometimes too excited for other dogs, needs leash training, and knows sit and shake commands.       

To meet Hogan, please email your four page adoption application to  labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.



Meet Boomer!!  This handsome four year old boy is looking for his forever home.  Sadly, Boomer ended up in a local shelter and no one came to find him. He was clearly in a home before, because he is house trained and doesn't chew up inappropriate things!  Boomer is HAPPY, LOVES TO PLAY FETCH, knows many commands and LOVES his people.  He is very strong on the leash and must have a fenced yard without exception.  Boomer can't go to a home with children under the age of 14.                

If interested in meeting Boomer, please send your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED! Meet HANDSOME Duke!  Duke is a one year old boy that came to us when his living situation suddenly changed.  He had been free to roam around in a sparsely populated area but suddenly found himself with no place to run and play.  This SWEET boy needs an experienced Lab person and a home with a big fenced yard.  Although he is only a year old, he is a STRONG  boy!  He needs leash training (only positive reinforcement!) and general commands.  He is very food motivated and LOVES to fetch a ball.  Duke rides very well in the car.  We are told he also loves the water. He is house trained and has been crated previously.  Due to his size (and the fact that he doesn't know how big he is), he will not go to a home with children under 15.  With just a little help from his new human, Duke is going to be a fantastic family member!

To be considered to foster or adopt Duke, please send your four page adoption application to labladies@gmail.com.



Avery is a super happy seven month old girl who loves everyone and everyday to her is a party!  She is a bundle of sweetness and energy.  Avery was dumped at a shelter in Alabama from an unwanted litter.  Avery loves everyone she meets and thinks every dog is her best friend.  Avery needs a family where she will get structure and training as every puppy does.  With training, Avery will be a valued family member.

UPDATE:  Avery is thriving in her foster home.  She is crate trained, house trained, and loves her foster sister!   

If you would like to foster or adopt Avery, please email your four page application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


ADOPTER NEEDED!!! FRIENDLY and SWEET 2 yr old Jack is desperately looking for his new forever home!  This PRECIOUS boy adores his people and is GREAT with other dogs.  He rides really well in a car and is super SMART!  We think Jack was always outside so he will need to be taught his house manners but he is very treat motivated and learns quickly.  With just a little patience, Jack will become an EXCELLENT  family member.  He is active and needs a fenced yard. In typical Lab fashion, he also LOVES to swim.

To FOSTER OR ADOPT Jack, email your completed application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com


Johnny is a 5 yr old super sweet boy who LOVES to cuddle.  He just melts into your side or lap when you pet him.  Johnny is completely house trained and is very good with other dogs and cats.  He is very smart and treat motivated. This has helped him learn commands quickly such as come, sit, stay, and heel.  He also loves food puzzles.  Johnny loves to be around his human(s) most so he would prefer a home without long periods by himself.  A fenced yard for him to run and play in is a must.   He will make a wonderful member of his new family!

TO ADOPT Johnny, email your completed application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com. 


Meet Harley!! This beautiful eleven month old girl is such a delight.  She has such a beautiful personality and loves loves everyone.  Harley is house trained and great with other dogs.  Harley is a bundle of energy, loves to play fetch, and needs a family who will be patient and work daily to train her.  With training, Harley will be a valued family member.  I you are not ready for a high energy dog, Harley isn't a fit for your family.         

If you are interested in meeting Harley, please email labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.