​My name is Lee.  I am all things you'd expect from a vibrant, fun-loving, one year old Lab fella!  I love people and people tell me I'm fabulous.  I also LOVE other dog buddies to play with.  I've been with my foster family all summer and they have 4 other dogs and I love being with them.  I'm a silly boy and have a big back yard to play in and love it!  If I'm not with other dogs who can chase and wrestle and am to be an only canine child, I need human buddies who are very active and fun loving... I love to play fetch, I like walks, I need snuggle time, and fun games of chase in the yard is a super blast for me.  When I crash, I crash hard and like to be close to my humans and dog pals.  Sometimes, I will tuck and roll into my human's lap and lay my head back for kisses.  Being alone with no exercise and no pals for too long makes me sad.  I'm too fabulous to sit around all day longing for companionship and waiting for someone to have time for me.  That's part of why I've been so happy in my foster home.  One of my humans works from home and when everyone is busy, I'm playing chase out back with my canine pack.  In my early days as a foster fella, I learned quickly that outside is the place to go to the bathroom and as soon as I learned that, I've not had a single accident in the house.  I sleep all night in my cozy crate and don't mind it as a hang-out when my humans have to run errands.  Sometimes, I get to go with them and I'm the best car rider. I'm also proud to say that I understand some human language... like "sit" and "stay" and I come a-runnin' when I hear my name.  I'm also great on a leash.  If I see another dog, I get so happy, but my humans make me sit and wait for the other dog to pass and sigh... I do as they say.... jeez that part is hard, I really love dogs.  I am a busy boy and will chew when bored so it is important for me to get my exercise! 

As you can tell, Lee is an awesome boy who must have a home with another active dog, a fenced yard, and a family with an active lifestyle. If you match this description, please email your application to llradoptions@gmail.com. 


Meet Poppy!!  Poppy, five years old, has really come out of her shell!  She is a beautiful, sweet and affectionate girl who LOVES the attention of humans and is GREAT with other dogs and cats!  Poppy still needs a home with other dogs but is just a total sweetheart!  She was outgoing and loving at our last adoption event and her foster mom and dad said she was more well behaved than their dogs!  .

If you would like to meet Poppy, please email a completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com.


Meet Izzy!!  Sweet nine  year old Izzy suddenly found herself at a loud shelter, turned in by the heartless "human" that had bred her and bred her until she was of no use to them anymore.  This precious girl has had a VERY hard life and she is afraid of new things when she first encounters them...BUT once she figures out the new things are not dangerous, she wags her tail and gives timid kisses.  Izzy needs a special FOSTER or ADOPTER that is willing to show her that life can be GOOD and that people can be GREAT!  She has a very sweet disposition and will be a wonderful addition to a quiet home where she can relax and thrive. 

If you have that special home and want to be her Angel, please email your application to llradoptions@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com


Rose is a super sweet and full of fun girl born 3/8/17.  Rose loves her playmates in her foster home, loves to play fetch, and loves the water. She would do best in an active home with another young dog and a fenced yard.  I will get an update soon.  

If you would like to meet Rose, email llrcharlotte@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com. 



MMeet ADORABLE Kline!  Kline is a playful, sweet, energetic five month old boy looking for his forever home.  He would love to have a doggie friend to play with and help burn off some energy! He is a typical puppy that likes to chew and chase sticks or balls!  OH and he LOVES to the water! He is doing well with his house training but he does like to sleep in the bed with you at night : )  He already knows sit and lay down commands and is a very smart boy that learns quickly.  With just a little training he will be a perfect companion!

To learn more about Kline, please email your completed application to llrcharlotte@gmail.com and llradoptions@gmail.com.



Meet Zayden!  Zayden is a sweet 1.5 year old boy with a big and loving personality. One minute he is making you laugh and the next minute he is burying his head in your lap for some well-deserved pets.  Zayden is house-trained and crate-trained, and with a treat you can teach him anything.  He quickly learned sit, down, kennel, go for a ride and how to walk on a leash.   Zayden does great with other dogs and his many charms have really won over his foster sister - they wrestle and play for hours at a time. Zayden loves to go for a walk, swim and romp in the park.  What Zayden wants most is to be part of the family.  He loves to be with his pack and he is a wonderful companion who is always by your side.       

To meet Zayden, please send your completed application (available to download on our website) to llrcharlotte@gmail.com.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


Meet Handsome Bear!  This 8 year old boy had NOT had a very good life before coming to us.  Taken from a small, rural shelter he was EXTREMELY scared - afraid of nearly everything.  He has been with a wonderful foster mom who has shown him patience and love and Bear is finally beginning to know what it is like to be a dog!  He LOVES to walk around the block and chase squirrels in the back yard and typical Lab, he LOVES his food!  Bear is quiet and easy in the house.    His foster mom reports that "once he trust you he is lovely funny guy who just looking for a safe place to lay his head."
We are looking for a PATIENT and LOVING  home to continue working with Bear and showing him how fulfilling life can be. He would do best in a home with a "cool" dog his age or older to help show him the ropes and no children or cats.  Watching this boy develop into a confident and happy dog will be a reward like no other! 

If interested in meeting Bear, please email a complete application to labladies@gmail.com and llrcharlotte@gmail.com.


Socks is a GORGEOUS 4 year old 95lb chocolate boy whose owner sadly passed away. Family was unable to take care of him so they asked us to take him in .  He was a "country boy" in his previous life so there are some things in the "Big City" that take some getting used to but he really adjusts quickly!  He is super friendly with other dogs and is very SWEET with people.  He was such a hit at our last adoption event and ADORED all the attention and extra treats.

This sweet boy will make an WONDERFUL addition to his new family!!.  

UPDATE from Socks' foster dad.   Socks is a very sweet dog, very goofy, a little bit crazy but very sweet.  He is definitely house trained and can be trusted to stay in the house when we leave.  He sleeps through the night does not need to be crated.  We're working hard on his leash manners.  He is starting to respond to the Gentle Leader.

If you are interested in meeting Socks, email a completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com.



Meet Joey!!  This incredible two year old boy is so awesome.  I can't say enough great things about this him. He is so sweet, loves everyone he meets, knows a few commands, and appears to be house trained.  He rode great in the car and is very eager to please!

To learn more about Joey, please email your completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com.


Meet Beasley!!   Beasley is the funniest, sweetest 9 month old Lab mix you could ever meet!  His ears need a FB page all to themselves as they are just that funny!  He is playful, loving and attentive. The staff at the boarding facility love him.  They wrote this about Beasley.  Beasley has opened up so much since he got here! He is like a completely different dog! I give him treats on Wednesday nights when I'm here late. He is very affectionate and gives lots of kisses! He's always bouncing around when I walk by! Lol! He was surrendered to the shelter because his human was going to  college. REALLY???  So it was no fault of his - he is house and crate trained and LOVES other dogs!  He is also a LOVER BOY with humans. He is fully vetted and weighs about 45 lbs.  He would ADORE an active family that would run and play with him!  .

If you would like to meet Beasley, please email llrcharlotte@gmail.com.   

Miss Daisy

                              Sweet Miss Daisy is almost the perfect dog!  She is in a foster home where the foster mom has only great things to report.  Miss Daisy is house trained, crate trained, good on the leash, knows commands, and doesn't jump when meeting you.  

If you would like to meet Miss Daisy, email a completed application to llradoptions@gmail.com.



Meet handsome Ford!! He is 1.5 year old boy and in search of his forever home.  Ford is very friendly with other dogs, jumps right in the car to go for a ride, and knows a few commands.  Ford was at our adoption event and loved everyone he met. He is an awesome boy and desperately deserves an family of his own.        

If you would like to meet Ford, email llradoptions@gmail.com. 


Keegan is the TOTAL PACKAGE!!!  This handsome boy, born  6/7/08, has a very endearing personality.  Keegan is house trained, great with other dogs, walks good on the leash, rides great in the car, LOVES the water, and LOVES to play fetch. Keegan will fit into almost any home!         

If you would like to meet Keegan, please email a completed application to  llradoptions@gmail.com.  



Meet Sherman - a HANDSOME and SWEET two year old boy looking for his new forever home. When Sherman came to us, he was terrified of everything...But WOW has he blossomed!  This amazing boy has really come out of his shell and continues to gain confidence with each passing day.  He ADORES other dogs and will need to be in a home with a couple of canine companions to help him continue his progress.  He now ENJOYS being petted and fussed over. He is a REAL GEM! Sherman needs a home with other dogs, a fenced yard and humans who want to see watch him continue to THRIVE!.  He is fully vetted and a truly happy and healthy boy! 

​If you are interested in meeting Sherman,  please email your completed application to labladies@gmail.com.



FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!!  This BEAUTIFUL and SWEET girl is 9 month old Chloe.  She wandered up to (or was dumped) at a large piece of family property in rural SC. She was emaciated and limping and the Good Samaritans that found her took her to the vet.  From x-rays, it is clear she was hit by a car at some point and has a limp in her hind leg and her front.  She appears to be in no pain as she is an awesome retriever of the tennis ball and LOVES to run around the yard.  Chloe is SUPER FRIENDLY with people and other dogs, she enjoys swimming and going to the park.  She is energetic at first but calms down after appropriate exercise.  She knows commands and is really smart.  This is just a FANTASTIC pup that will make a wonderful family pet!  She is currently outside so she will need to be house trained but we don't expect that will take long at all, given her intelligence and eagerness to please.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Chloe, please email labladies@gmail.com.


This big handsome boy is Bentley!  He is an amazing three year old Dudley lab weighing 109 lbs. He is truly a gentle giant loving everyone he meets.  Bentley is a very tall boy which makes him a big boy.  He is as sweet as he is big though-  he's a real love bug! He settled in very quickly. We haven't created him at all. He is house trained and we leave him out in the house with our dogs while we are away at work during the day.  He likes toys, playing fetch and going for walks. He is a typical lab.  He does need some leash work as he wants to greet every dog he sees. We've been using a harness when we walk him and we make him sit down until the other dogs pass by. This seems to be working with him. He's a little thief! He loves to steal clothing and walk around with it in his mouth. He thinks us trying to get it off him is a game of chase. He will make a great family member.   

If you would like to meet Bentley, email  a completed application to llrcharlotte@gmail.com.


Carolina is a super sweet and loving eight month old girl.  She was surrendered to a local shelter by her owner because she was chasing the chickens.  Carolina is in a temp foster home will be transferred to Charlotte this weekend.  Carolina's foster mom wrote this about her.  She has not had a single accident in the house, no chewing, is content in her crate at night and when alone, and happy in a fenced yard.  Carolina has lots of puppy energy, loves to run and play in the yard with my dog, knows a couple of commands, and comes when you call her.

If you would like to meet Carolina, email a completed application to 



Meet Daisy!!  The precious girl was found abandoned along with her puppies recently.  Our vet thinks Daisy is approximately two years old and over healthy.  Daisy jumped right in the car when I met her, is VERY sweet, lights up when she sees other dogs and kids, very gentle, and is good on the leash.  

If you would like to meet Daisy, email a completed app to llrcharlotte@gmail.com.