Meet Molly!!  This four year old, dob 9/19/15, beautiful sweet girl is looking for her forever home.  Molly was surrendered because she kept going through  the electric fence.  She was outside during the day and stayed in the garage at night.  Molly never had accidents in the garage and hasn't messed up her suite in boarding.  She is great with other dogs, knows basic commands, needs leash work, and is a bit anxious.           

To learn more about Molly, please email your completed application to


MMeet GORGEOUS Annabelle!  This SWEET and LOVING 7 yr old girl was surrendered when her family had a change in circumstances.  Annabelle LOVES to chase the ball, is super treat motivated and LOVES to cuddle!  She is FANTASTIC with all humans and doesn't need to be crated when left alone but is so happy when her humans return!   She grew up with a male sibling but has not had much exposure to other dogs so she is slow to warm up to them but will relax if given enough time.  She was in a home with a cat.

To learn more about Annabelle, please email your completed application to



FOSTER/ADOPTER URGENTLY NEEDED!!  Handsome Remy is a one year old boy found wandering as a stray.  He is an active guy with lots of energy but he has really responded to his training!  Remy loves to play with other dogs, has become a terrific ball retriever and he LOVES the water. This guy needs an energetic family eager to work with him and reap the fantastic rewards!   He has been with us for months and STILL HASN'T GOTTEN A FOSTER OR ADOPTER!  Please look at this GORGEOUS boy!.    

For more information about Remy, email your completed application to and


Meet sweet two year old  Charlie!  This guy had a rough start to life (and has the scars to show), but has been learning that people don't have to be scary.  He has already learned so much in a short time with his foster family!  Charlie is fully house trained,  not crated when left, and is learning many new commands like come, sit, stay, down, off and bed. He is amazing with fetch, and is always up for a game. Charlie LOVES belly rubs and will use his nose  or paw to ask for more scratches.  He has been good with other dogs and likes following his lab foster brother around.  Charlie needs patience when being introduced to men, but is fine after proper introductions (with treats!).  Charlie is looking for a low key forever home who would help him daily with reinforcement of the skills that he is learning and a family who can see that his nervousness isn't permanent.  Charlie also needs a fenced in yard.                     
If you would like to meet Charlie, please send your completed application to



Meet Jake!  This handsome boy is looking for his forever home after his person died.  Seven year old Jake is a great house guest, doesn't need to be crated when alone, enjoys his daily walks, is great with other dogs and cats too!  Jake will be a valued family member at almost any home.

To learn more about Jake, please send your completed application to and


I am a six month old boy who was found wondering the streets with my brother.  He has been adopted but here I stay and I don't get it.  I think I have the housebreaking thing down and am learning manners which is tough in boarding but I am smart and figuring it out.  I am a huge snuggler, people and other dogs.  I am 100% lab puppy which means I love my toys, I love walking on trails and am good on a leash, I am a natural swimmer but it was cold out and they only let me try it once, I prefer to sleep on a couch or bed next to a human and once I am asleep I sleep through the night, I am a shadow and am a great car rider so up for going on any adventure.  I am a riot to watch and will definitely put a smile on your face.  I have a bunch to learn but am going to be awesome!

To learn more about Clancy, email your completed application to




Meet Gunner!!  He was surrendered to us almost no hair but, with a good food and medical attention, Gunner looks wonderful.  Gunner is eight years old.  He is wonderful in the house, doesn't need to be crated, loves his walks, knows commands, loves his resident buddy, and very low key. Gunner is almost perfect......   .     

To learn more about Gunner, please submit your completed app to and


Meet BEAUTIFUL one year old Layla!  Layla was found wandering and hungry when she ended up in a small, rural shelter.  They reached out to us and told us what a SUPER SWEET girl she was and we just had to help her!! This girl is really precious and friendly to with all humans and dogs. She went to a foster home today so we will know more about her soon.  She weighs about 45 lbs but should be around 55lbs. 

If you would like to learn more about Layla, please email your four page application to and  


Meet HANDSOME Duck!  He is a four year old SUPER sweet boy who has a WONDERFUL personality.  You will fall in love instantly!  Duck knows commands, doesn't jump when greeting you, loves other dogs, is low key, and he carries his toy all the time.  Duck appears to be house trained too!

To learn more about this GREAT BOY, email your completed app to and


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


Abigail is a delightful 7 year old girl whose mom is very sick.  Abigail is super sweet, fully house trained and does not need to be crated.  She is very good with other dogs but is a little shy with larger dogs at first due to a bad situation at a dog park.  As soon as she realizes she the other dogs are friendly, she warms right up.  She is good with children and cats.  She is just a SWEET and DELIGHTFUL girl!!  Abilgail is 55lbs.

To learn more about Abigail, please send your completed application to and


Ashton is a sweet, tall, handsome boy about five years old.  He’s been in a foster home for a week and has done very well.  Ashton knows sit, will fetch a ball and drop it when he returns with it.  Ashton is house trained and crate trained.  His foster parents both work full time and he has done wonderfully in the crate while they are at work (he does get a potty break around lunch time)  Ashton seems to be great with other dogs and our lab.  He does not seem to be possessive about food or toys.  We are working on making him sit-stay for food, going out the door, etc.  Ashton seems to really want to please and learn quickly.  He is sleeping in a crate in our bedroom and we don’t hear a peep out of him.  He likes to shadow us wherever we are in the house.  His challenges are that he needs to learn some leash manners and can be very strong while walking ( but he has done better as the week has progressed) and he is a counter surfer!  But these are minor challenges considering how well he is doing otherwise.  A FENCED  YARD IS A MUST. 

If you are interested in meeting Ashton, please email your four page application to and


Handsome, super sweet, laid back, and very loving are just a few ways to describe Simon.  He is a seven year old boy who was picked up as a stray.  Unbelievably, no one came looking for Simon.  Because of Simon's exceptional personality, he was used to temperament other dogs at the shelter.  Simon is in a foster home with several dogs and has settled in with ease.  Simon is house trained, doesn't need to be crated when alone, and has a super sweet temperament.  He is a little under weight at 45 lbs.  Simon is just about perfect!

To learn more about Simon, please email your completed application to


Luna is a beautiful one and a half year old girl looking for her forever home.  Luna is super sweet, great with everyone she meets including all dogs, not sure about cats, and is house trained.  Luna greets everyone by rolling over for a belly rub.  She is great in the car and most enjoys running and playing with her foster sister.  

If you can would like to meet Luna, please email and


HANDSOME, SWEET, CALM Blue is looking for his new home. Blue's mom has just found out she is very sick and is moving home to live with family.  She has had Blue for his entire 11 years and he is just about a PERFECT boy!  Blue is house trained, doesn't need to be crated when left alone, is GREAT with kids, other dogs and even cats.  He is currently in a home with young children and has been perfect with them (he doesn't even eat their toys!)  He enjoys car rides and is very active for his age.  He doesn't jump when he meets you but is very happy to lay down for a belly rub.  His health is great and he even had his teeth cleaned last year! Like most Labs, he is very food motivated..

To meet Blue, please send your completed application to and