Meet PRECIOUS Murphy!  This SWEET 4 yr old boy was found starving as a stray when he was picked up by animal control.  Despite his obvious lack of care, this guy has the best temperament!  He is a little shy with new situations but with patience and encouragement he warms right up.  Within minutes of meeting me, he started giving me gentle licks and asking for affection.  He is doing very well with his house training and LOVES the other dogs in the house, often "learning the ropes" from them.  

UPDATE!!  Murphy has proven he can be trusted outside the crate while we’re at work, so he has free roam during the day.  He’s learned to sleep nicely on the bedroom floor, so no crate at nighttime either!  He’s becoming more playful and really likes to chase the ball.  Once he figured out what do with the peanut butter filled Kong he was hooked!  He has adjusted well and more quickly than I anticipated he would.  He is very good on the leash - he only pulls when he sees cats, and he’s not freaked out by passing cars anymore (unless it’s a school bus, he doesn’t like those).  He LOVES to go for walks and he is starting to use his nose, sniffing around a lot where he wasn’t before.  Murphy LOVES to cuddle!!

For more information on Murphy, please submit your completed application to



FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED! Pepper is the most ADORABLE 8 month old boy!  He went to an event yesterday and was so well behaved.  He is super friendly with everyone and everything he meets!  He seems to be house trained, is very good on the leash and rode beautifully in the car.  

For more information on Pepper, email your completed application to and



FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED  Meet PRECIOUS Sally! This 1.5 yr old girl has the BEST personality!  She is HAPPY, LOVING and FRIENDLY with all people and other dogs ( we are told she is also good with cats but we haven't tested her).  Sally was adopted from a local shelter and then dumped outside, often left in a wire crate with no shade, no cover and no water...  A concerned neighbor stepped in and asked us to help the WONDERFUL girl and how could we say no to that face??  Sally is extremely smart and eager to please.  She will need training but she learns very quickly.  This girl will make an amazing addition to a family!

To learn more about Sally, please send your completed application to


Meet Miley!!  She is an eleven year old girl looking for her forever home.  She is everything you love about a mature dog;  quiet, house trained, doesn't jump on furniture or people, knows basic commands, rides great in the car, and loves everyone she meets.  Miley loves your attention and snuggles but doesn't demand it.  She has a very gentle disposition.  Miley loves her walks.     

To learn more about Miley, please submit your completed app to 



We have puppies!!!  These eight week old babies were  abandoned and ended up in animal control.  They are in foster homes and will be ready for their forever homes soon.        

If you are interested in  adopting a puppy, please send your adoption application to and


Meet PRECIOUS Gladston! This handsome 2.5 year old boy was found emaciated and injured in someones front yard.  He ended up at Animal Control where they immediately realized what a WONDERFUL  boy he was and sent out a plea for help!  Gladston is WONDERFUL with other dogs and super SWEET with humans of all ages.  He loves to lean in to you and get his head rubbed.  He is great on a leash and rides very nicely in the car.  He needs to gain some weight!  He is in a foster home and doing very well!

To learn more about Gladston, email your completed application to and


MMeet sweet two year old  Charlie!  This guy had a rough start to life (and has the scars to show), but has been learning that people don't have to be scary.  He has already learned so much in a short time with his foster family!  Charlie is fully house trained,  not crated when left, and is learning many new commands like come, sit, stay, down, off and bed. He is amazing with fetch, and is always up for a game. Charlie LOVES belly rubs and will use his nose  or paw to ask for more scratches.  He has been good with other dogs and likes following his lab foster brother around.  Charlie needs patience when being introduced to men, but is fine after proper introductions (with treats!).  Charlie is looking for a low key forever home who would help him daily with reinforcement of the skills that he is learning and a family who can see that his nervousness isn't permanent.  Charlie also needs a fenced in yard.                     
If you would like to meet Charlie, please send your completed application to


This handsome young boy is delightful.  Memphis, born 4/13/19, is your typical puppy with lots energy.  Memphis loves other dogs and with training, he will be a valued family member.  Memphis is going to be a big boy. He already weighs 51 pounds.

To meet Memphis, please send your completed application to


Meet BEAUTIFUL 9 year old Sugar!  Her name suits her to a T since she is one of the SWEETEST girls you will ever meet!  She was surrendered to the shelter when her owner moved and couldn't take her with him (but we can't imagine ever leaving behind such a PERFECT dog..).  Sugar is EXCELLENT with other dogs, ADORES humans of all ages, is house trained and does not need to be crated when left alone.  She is on supplements for her hips and is also trying to lose a little weight to help with the joints. Other than that she is a healthy and happy girl!

To learn more about Sugar, email your completed application to and


FOSTER/ADOPTER DESPERATELY NEEDED!! Meet PRECIOUS Tara, our newest honorary Lab ; ) She is actually a 2 year old Fox Hound and she is ADORABLE!   Tara is the SWEETEST, most mild mannered girl who was on the euthanasia list at small shelter where we found her.  With such a BEAUTIFUL  face, how could we not save her?  Tara is FANTASTIC with other dogs and she ADORES  people of all ages.  She was the hit of the day at our last adoption event.  She is fully house trained and enjoys hanging out in her kennel when she wants to nap.  Tara MUST have a fenced yard, no exceptions.  She is on the thin side and her foster mom is working to put weight on her but she is otherwise very healthy.

Please email your completed application to to  learn more about Tara.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


BEAUTIFUL, SWEET BB was a total mess when she came to us...She had multiple non- cancerous lumps on her, her fur was a mess and her ears were infected!  She didn't know how to get into the car or walk on a leash.  But after some TLC with her wonderful foster mom, this 8 yr old sweetheart is absolutely GORGEOUS!  BB is fully house trained, walks beautifully on the leash, and LOVES to sleep on the bathroom floor.  She is good with other dogs although she is much more human focused and would be happy as an only dog who gets all the attention : )  She would make an ideal companion for someone who is around a lot. Her favorite activity is sitting by your side staring lovingly into your eyes!

To learn more about BB, please email your completed application to and


SPECIAL FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED FOR CASH!  Cash and his sister have had a change in their circumstances and find themselves living most of the day outside.  Poor Cash has allergies which have led to severe skin infections and after consulting with our vet, Cash's skin is not going to clear if he continues to stay outside.  WE DESPERATELY NEED SOMEONE WILLING TO HELP THIS BIG SWEET BOY while he is healing.  Cash is house trained and does not need to be crated when left alone. He has not been neutered yet and due to his skin infection, the vet wants to wait on that to avoid complications from the surgery.  
HIS IDEAL FOSTER  would have experience fostering and  have a female dog or a male that will not react to an unaltered male.

If you can help, please email



Meet GORGEOUS Oliver!  This FANTASTIC 11 month old boy is in need of a home where he can will lots of exercise and a fenced yard is a must.  Oliver knows many commands, needs leash work, is house trained, and loves to play fetch.  If there are children in the home, they must be older.  Oliver is good with other dogs.     

To learn more about Oliver, please send your completed application to


Sweet Bette was picked up as a stray along with her sister Tessa.  Bette is super sweet, loves everyone and everything she meets.  Bette quickly learned the doggy door and is crated when alone. 

If you would like to meet Bette, please email your four page application to llradoptions@gmail and


Meet Ellie!!  This beautiful ten-month-old girl was surrendered to a local shelter.  Ellie is in a home with other dogs, mastered the doggy door quickly, knows a few commands and is getting the structure and training any young dog needs to become a valued member of her family.  Ellie loves to play with her toys and try to get the other dogs to chase her…she smiles so big when she runs her “zoomies” in the backyard!  She is active and needs exercise.  She is a good athlete…. Her foster took her to a dock diving session and Ellie seemed to love it…so if you are looking for a dock diving partner, she has potential.  Or she could be a good hiking partner or backyard playmate. She has a lot of puppy energy, but will settle down and loves to cuddle. She is also very inquisitive and seems to want to learn new things. She is both food and toy motivated. Ellie is crate trained. A fenced yard is a must..  

If you are interested in meeting Ellie, please email your four page application to and