COURTESY POST  Hi, my name is Hunter! I am approximately 3 years old and a lab mix. I am very sweet, handsome, loving, and looking for my forever family! I like to play outside, get exercise, snuggle, & play with toys. I would do best as the only dog in a home with no young children. I also need a fenced in back yard and experienced dog owners as my adopters. In my foster home I have learned to sit patiently when I want something and I am house-broken and crate trained. I am very smart and learn quickly. I would make the perfect running or hiking companion and my foster parents also think I’d love swimming! I will fit right in with an active family looking for a loving, loyal, four-legged best friend. I have so many kisses & snuggles to give! I just can’t wait to meet my forever family!
No children.


Dorsey C. Patrick
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​FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet BEAUTIFUL Lynn.  This SWEET girl is 2 yrs old.  She spent her entire life in a backyard with her sister. Our trainer has been working with her and she knows a couple of commands and is getting better on the leash.  She has been recently spayed and is really ready to be in a new home!  She enjoys hanging out with the humans but she has NO social skills with other dogs.  As a result, she needs to be an only dog for now.  She will also need a fenced yard. 

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Sadie is a beautiful five year old girl looking for her forever home.  Sadie is a lab in every way.  She loves the water, LOVES to play fetch, very excitable, and good with other dogs.  Sadie is house trained,  doesn't like the crate and was baby gated in a laundry room when alone in the house because the previous owner didn't want her on the furniture.  Sadie is suitable for a home with children over ten.      



To meet Sadie, please email your completed application to and

Lucky and TaunTaun


​FOSTER/ ADOPTER NEEDED!!  Lucky and Taun Taun are handsome, sweet boys looking for their forever home. They are bonded and it would not be fair to separate them at this age. They boys spent most of their life outdoors and would love a yard to roam in. They keep their suite clean in boarding so they would most likely quickly acclimate to being inside. Lucky needs dental work so we really need to get them in a foster home quickly. Both boys are great with other dogs, not sure about cats. ​.

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ADOPTER NEEDED!  Loch is a HANDSOME AND SWEET 105 lb, three year old yellow boy who DESPERATELY wants out of boarding.  He is house trained, knows some commands and will work for treats. He has been extremely friendly with people, dogs, and cats.  However, he will jump up on you for attention and will take you for a good drag when he is on the leash!  For these reasons, he will need a PATIENT, EXPERIENCED  human willing to work on his behaviors (we have a trainer lined up to help already).  He must have a fenced yard and no children under 16. With a little love and attention, this boy is going to make a fantastic member of his new family!

To ADOPT, please email your completed application to and


ADOPTER NEEDED!!  Meet Ranger!  This cute 9 month old pup was an owner surrender, adopted during covid and then dumped when he got bigger and had not been trained. When he first arrived at the foster home he had not been socialized with humans and didn't want anyone to pet him but now he loves it! He is a big smushy shadow pup,who just wants to be near you and give kisses. Ranger was also very nervous in his busy foster home so we have started him on some medication to help him acclimate and stay calm. He is incredibly smart and has learned so much with his foster, but will need to continue his training with an experienced person or a professional trainer to help him be all he can be.  Ranger currently knows sit, down (lie down), off (if he jumps or gets on the couch), leave it, and come. He is also proficient in the dog door. He is still working on jumping up, being mouthy, and the command "drop" (his propensity to grab anything on the ground can get him into trouble)!  Ranger does not have sharing skills with other dogs so he would be best as an only dog. He is crated at night (in an airline crate) and when left. Appropriate for children over 13.. 

If you would like to meet Ranger, please email your four page adoption application to and



ADOPTER NEEDED! Ollie is the sweetest little dog ever!  He loves everyone he meets and is definitely a Velcro dog. He is great with other dogs and has been living with a cat in his foster home. He completely ignores the cat although he is very interested in cat food.  I don’t think Ollie has ever lived in a house before but he is learning quickly and his house breaking is progressing nicely. He still chews on inappropriate items at times so he spends time in the crate when no one is home to supervise him. He does well in the crate and doesn’t seem to mind being confined for short periods of time.  Ollie walks well on a leash and is very polite. He is a low energy dog and rides well in the car. He is extremely food oriented and I would recommend a kitchen trash can with a lid for Ollie’s new family!  Ollie seems very content playing with toys and keeps himself entertained. He loves stuffed animals and has zero interest in balls but he does like puzzle toys since they involve food.  Ollie is a timid dog who doesn’t like thunderstorms or loud voices. He is a professional snuggler who will sleep in the bed with you but he does snore and talk in his sleep. 

To learn more about Ollie, please email your completed application to  



Meet BEAUTIFUL Shelby!  This SWEET and SMART 7 year old girl is looking for a new home because her dad is moving out of the country.  Shelby is in great shape and she enjoys her daily walks! She is currently an only dog and mostly ignores other dogs unless they are pushy with her.  She also ignores the cat. She is most interested in her HUMANS, whom she loves! She greats strangers with a wagging tail and a happy face!  Shelby sleeps on the sofa and does not need to be crated when you are away.  This girl is such a terrific companion and will add so much to her new home!  Appropriate for children over 12.

To ADOPT Shelby, please send your completed application to and​.


Meet HANDSOME and SWEET Ftiz!  This 1.5 year old boy was found wandering and brought to the shelter.  When no one came for him, the shelter reached out and asked us to take this special boy! Fitz appears to be house trained and is doing great with crate training.  He is doing well on leash training also!  He is super friendly with people and other dogs!  Fitz does focus on human food and is a counter surfer.  He also needs a fenced yard.  Due to his size he would be appropriate for children over 12.  

To learn more about Fitz, please email your four page application to and

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ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet HANDSOME, SWEET Hayes, a one year old, 85lb boy with the BEST personality!  Every volunteer that meets him  describes 

him as "the most loving dog ever!"  He is SO HAPPY and ready to be loved.   Hayes is neutered, house trained and walks well on the leash.  He is a big couch potato and loves a good snuggle in bed. He is very friendly with all humans and even cats. He is good with other dogs (totally nonreactive) while walking on the leash and ADORES his canine playmate in his temp foster home.  They run, play and share toys and bones all day long!   He is going to be such a GREAT BEST FRIEND  to his new family.  He knows a few commands, is eager to please and learns quickly.  He is a master at getting out of a crate and counter surfing.  He shares his prizes with his foster brother (so that nice) but his new family will need to have a plan for securing him when they leave.  Hayes does jump up on you so no children under 13 please.  He is in a wonderful temporary foster home but we need to find his forever home quickly!.  

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