Meet Gage!!  This three year old, dob 3/8/16, has always lived outside in a rural area of NC.  He is super sweet, great with all dogs, greets everyone with a happy dance and doesn't jump.  He needs a patient home to show him how awesome it is to be a part of a loving family!  Gage is dog friendly, very smart and is going to be an AMAZING boy with just a little training. 

To meet Gage, please email your completed application to


Sweet Raleigh was picked up as a stray and sadly no one came for him.  At one year old, Raleigh is super sweet, full of personality, and loves everyone he meet.  He knows a few commands but will be an amazing family member with training.  Raleigh is in a fantastic foster home with another dog and is doing great.  Updates to come.   

To learn more about Raleigh, please send your completed application to and



Butch is a happy energetic two year old boy who greets everyone with his tail at full speed.  He was picked up as a stray and sadly no one came to claim him.  He is good with other dogs and knows a few commands.  We need a foster home to learn more about this sweet boy.

If you can foster or would like to adopt, please fill out our four page application and return to us.



Sadly, Hank was found tied to a post along Hwy 74....  So sad, how could someone do such acts toward our four legged friends.  His skin was in horrible condition due to neglect. But wit a good diet and meds, his skin looks much better and his hips are SO much better.  Our vet feel Hank is about 10 years old.  Hank is SUPER SWEET and just enjoys hanging around his humans. He is house trained, doesn’t need to be crated and is really no trouble.  He has limited vision and we are managing arthritis with meds. 

To learn more about this GREAT BOY, email your completed app to


Meet GORGEOUS Annabelle!  This SWEET and LOVING 7 yr old girl was surrendered when her family had a change in circumstances.  Annabelle LOVES to chase the ball, is super treat motivated and LOVES to cuddle!  She is FANTASTIC with all humans and doesn't need to be crated when left alone but is so happy when her humans return!   She grew up with a male sibling but has not had much exposure to other dogs so she is slow to warm up to them but will relax if given enough time.  She was in a home with a cat.

To learn more about Annabelle, please email your completed application to


Handsome, super sweet, and laid back, are just a few ways to describe Moose.  He was picked up as a stray and sadly,  no one came looking for him.  Moose is sad and missing his people.  Moose knows basic commands, is super quiet in the crate, okay on the leash, and good with other dogs.  Please help us bring a smile to Moose again!

To foster or adopt Moose, please email your completed application to



Matilda, AKA Matti for short, is a spirited, sweet, spunky labahoula who will turn 3 years old on March 3, 2020.  Matti loves to play fetch and tug of war, go to the park, take golf cart and car rides, and swim in the lake.  She loves people and loves affection and snuggles.  Matti needs an active home with a fenced yard. Matti is not good with cats and needs a home with a submissive male.  Matti is famous in the neighborhood with all the kids who visit just to play with her.  She needs a home with lots of love, patience, kindness, and room to run.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, her owner is no longer able to care for Matti and give her what she needs and deserves.  Please consider welcoming Matilda into your family.  She will be forever grateful!!  .

To learn more about Matti, email your completed application to



Meet Jake!  This handsome boy is looking for his forever home after his person died.  When he first came into rescue, Jake was understandably sad and confused what had happened.  He didn’t even want to eat.  Thankfully, Jake has really come out of his shell and is a very happy boy!  He LOVES people all shapes and sizes and ages and gets very excited when he has visitors.  Jake is almost 8 years old and a great house guest.  He is trustworthy and completely housebroken so doesn't need to be crated when alone.  He is great with other dogs and cats too!  Jake loves hugs (you can literally hug him for as long as you want, he won’t move!)  and going on walks around the neighborhood where he enjoys meeting people along the way..

To learn more about Jake, please send your completed application to and


Chase, born 7/5/08, lost his best friend and human companion about two weeks ago and now needs a new home to live out his days.  Chase is super friendly with everyone he meets, dogs and humans, has lived inside his entire life, is a great house guest with no accidents, and doesn't chew.  Chase LOVES to play fetch and loves his toys.  He is active and doesn't act his age!  Chase LOVES THE WATER.  He jumped right into the foster family's pool.  He is on denamarin for liver support but otherwise healthy.  PLEASE help us find Chase a new home!        .     

To learn more about Chase, please submit your completed app to

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


Meet Archie!  This handsome three year old boy is looking for a new home.  His current family got Archie's family when he was eight weeks but, due to family dynamics changing, Archie has been spending way too much time in a crate.  The family wants more for Archie.  We are looking for a loving home where Archie will get the exercise and attention he deserves.  He has grown up around kids, is good with other dogs, and very social.  He is house trained, knows many commands and tricks, and is very loving and gentle.        

If you can would like to meet Archie, please email



As Lenny’s foster mom, I can say he has been one of the easiest & sweetest foster dogs we have had.  Sadly, he was an owner surrender at a local southern shelter and he clearly hadn’t had an easy life.  Lenny  came to foster with us missing an eye (owner said previous surgery), 2 infected ears, HW positive, & missing hair on elbows & paws.  We have been nursing him back to health, treating his heart worms, and he is one grateful dog indeed.  He has a very relaxed and easy-going temperament.  Lenny has done well with several dogs he has met in our neighborhood and is like an older brother to our own chocolate lab mix.  He’s not a playful dog, but rather a couch/hearth-sitting middle aged (6-7 year old) labbie.  He weighs in at a healthy 73 lbs.  He is house trained & knows sit command.  He adores his afternoon walks, belly rubs, and being sweet-talked.  He enjoys hugs thoroughly.  We have been  calling him “Len-Bear” because he is like a big ol’ teddy bear boy.  He is a wonderful family dog and is so very deserving of a loving, caring forever family.
My husband and I already know there will be tears shed when we have to say goodbye to him, but we have faith his new forever family will appreciate all the unconditional love he has to give.

To meet Lenny, please send your completed application to and



If you have a soft spot for seniors, you will love Miss Nita!  She is very affectionate, following her foster mom around the house - while at the same time, showing no signs of whining or separation anxiety when left alone. She is calm in the house, good with other dogs, and is housebroken.  The vet estimates Nita is around seven years old. She is possibly a case of neglect, but with some TLC and better nutrition, she will make a wonderful pet. She is a resilient girl who is happy and settled in her foster home, which has mellow dogs and few stairs to climb. Please apply to adopt this girl if you like the quiet companionship of a senior dog!. 

I am so proud of Nita!  She is truly blossoming. In a short amount of time, she has put on weight, and her ears have cleared up. Her coat is so pretty and soft now. Nita loves affection - not only from her foster family, but also from the other dogs she lives with.  She is now sharing their beds, and I often see her licking/cleaning their ears, which is a very motherly and gentle thing to do. Her personality is coming out as well.  Although she is not a super active dog, she barks with excitement as I chase my younger dog around the yard. It's so cute!  Nita is never going to be your jogging partner, but she's so sweet.  If you like older, calm dogs, please give her a chance.

If you are interested in meeting Nita, please email your four page application to and


​​Beautiful Emme is looking for her forever home.  She is a gorgeous German Shorthaired Pointer/Beagle mix born September 22, 2018 weighing 43 pounds.  Emme has been fostered for the last year by a couple with two other dogs, and it is clear she would thrive if she were the only pup in the house or if it was possible to be the alpha dog. She gets along with other female dogs on her own terms, both at doggy day care and with canine visitors to her home.  Emme is full of energy and curiosity and loves the companionship of “her humans.”  She is fully housebroken and has been obedience trained.  She responds to basic commands, walks well on a leash, and needs daily exercise.  She is crate-trained during the day.  At night she prefers to sleep on a bed with her people, and will easily sleep all through the night.   Emme is a great ball-chaser, ball-retriever, and enjoys the water. She is super treat-motivated.  Emme does have food and high-value toy aggression with other dogs (regardless of sex), and it would be best to be the only dog in the house.  We also would not recommend her being in a house with cats or children.  She needs patience when being introduced to men and is also very timid when getting to know new people.  Ideally, she might thrive in a home with women.  Emme was part of a litter of nine pups rescued after Hurricane Florence.  Her first real socialization didn’t occur until she was four months old, so there is still a need for patience, individual attention, training, and a lot of love.  

This is a courtesy post.

​If you would like to learn more Emme, please email


Meet BEAUTIFUL one year old Layla!  Layla was found wandering and hungry when she ended up in a small, rural shelter.  Layla loves all people and other dogs;   Tail wags  constantly;  She is curiously respectful of cat.  Knows sit, shake-paw and down;  Walks well on leash, not strong on the leash;  She will jump up if she sees something she wants to go to;  Does not easily come to me when off leash in fenced yard;  She trolls fence perimeter, but hasn’t tried to dig or jump, but has not been left unattended.  She’s very fast and very ‘springy’ so we do recommend a 5' fence;   No accidents in house;  Rides great in car;  Submissive but independent, definitely not velcro;  Seems familiar with crate.  Stayed quietly once guided in.

If you would like to learn more about Layla, please email your four page application to and  


FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet our VERY SPECIAL boy, Bud. This precious soul was born just 8 months ago.  Unfortunately, he was put on a chain in a backyard.  But, this sweet boy’s bad luck started way before he was born.  Bud was born with severe hip dysplasia and a slight neurological deficit.  As a result of that and being chained, he has no muscle mass in his rear.   This DOES NOT STOP THIS FANTASTIC BOY!!  He LOVES people, other dogs, and doesn’t even notice the cat.  He is currently able to handle the stairs and seems to be getting stronger every day.  We are scheduling an orthopedic visit to investigate options for his hips.
Our GREATEST DESIRE FOR BUD is to change his LUCK and find a home that will LOVE him and give him the TLC he needs In the coming weeks and years to deal with his special needs.  He has so much LOVE to give!! 

To learn more about Bud, please send your completed application to and


Miss Allie is such a loving pup. She is on the higher energy end and definitely needs her walks and a game or 2 of fetch.  Allie has shown promise at agility as well as has tried (and done well!) at dock diving!  She will jump a baby gate and a four foot fence with ease.  She does well when crated, and it's her safe place to relax.  She is great overnight and will even sleep in on the weekends!  She is playful and has loved all dogs she has met.  Allie is food motivated and  we are working on her counter surfing. She is house trained to a dog door and will go out in any weather to do her business. She has learned sit, down, stay, leave it, go pee pees, crate, and come. She plays in the rain and loves puddles. She is good on leash, but can pull when she sees another dog or wildlife. She is great in the car and will rest her head on the armrest.  She is a happy, people pleasing pup, who would love to have an outlet for her ability abilities  

If you would like to meet Allie, please send your completed application to