This beautiful six to seven year old girl was picked up as a stray along with Jag. Goosey is super sweet and loves her people!!  Goosey's foster mom sent this update. Goosey loves to get out and go - go for a walk, go for a swim, and go for a ride.  Goosey is house trained, crate trained, calm in the house and knows basic commands.  She is a smart, treat motivated and eager to please, so you can teach her anything. This happy girl loves her 'people'.  She is always by your side and wags her tail non-stop.    She has a "lazy" eye and we are taking her to the ophthalmologist this week.  More to come!   

If you would like to meet or foster Goosey, email a completed application to


Meet Poppy!!  This beautiful four year old girl was surrendered to animal control.  Poppy is a sweetheart!  I can't imagine how anyone could leave her.  Poppy is in a foster home with other dogs and loves the company.  The foster mom wrote this.  ·        Such a sweet girl!!·    Poppy is very laid back, house trained,  crate trained,  great with the other dogs, curiously respectful with the cat, not a lot of interest in toys or balls,  very submissive, sensitive to raised voices and new sounds,  very timid and skiddish on leash walks, recommend fenced yard, working on basic commands, and  I think she would do best in home with other dogs.   I would probably recommend older children due to timidness.

If you would like to meet Poppy, please email a completed application to

Miss Lily

Lilly got hit by a car and is now in the wheelchair and looking for her forever home.  This two year old hound is friendly towards humans and dogs, has a sweet disposition and is still very young at heart.   X-rays showed Lily had a broken back at the level of the end of her ribcage. She is unable to walk because she has no ability to purposefully move her hind legs. She does, however, have reflexes and can feel pain in her hind end and can consciously go to the bathroom. When she was found, there was evidence of an old left hind leg injury and when we x-rayed, we could see that there was degeneration of the left hip joint. She needs assistance to go to the bathroom: she needs to be supported under her tummy. She tolerates diapers quite well and wears them when she is in the house. The wheelchair doesn't slow her down! She still plays and runs with her foster siblings in the house and in the yard. She needs an owner who will give her the love and patience of recovery she deserves.

If you are interested in meeting Lily, email and


Meet Jag!!  I met this handsome five year old big boy today and it was love at first sight.  Jag is soooo sweet and loves everyone he meets.  Jag weighs 98 pounds and could loose a few pounds.  Jag is adorable and a cuddle bug.                


If you would like to foster or adopt Jag, email a completed application to



FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED for this sweet girl. Harper was left behind in the back yard after her owners moved.  Harper is the sweetest dog with a great outgoing, kind of love everyone, personality.  She was in a foster home for a month in Eastern NC before we brought her to Charlotte. Now we are looking for another foster or forever home.  The vet thinks she is around five maybe six, she is small weighing only 41 lbs. She is crate trained and house trained.  Harper will fit into almost any home!  

To learn more about Harper, please send a completed application to 



Meet Charlie a handsome 6 year old boy. He was found in very rough shape a year ago and has blossomed into a wonderful, loving dog in his foster home. He is house trained, loves other dogs, and has even recently lived with a foster kitten and did well.  Because of Charlie's past he is very shy to new people and things at first so will need a very patient forever home.  He requires a fenced yard and no small children to help him best adjust to a new home.

If you would like to meet Charlie, email



Meet Skipper!!  This handsome one year old boy is awesome in every way.  Skipper is house trained, loves everyone he meets, great with other dogs and kids, and LOVES LOVES LOVES to play fetch!!!  Skipper is an active boy, needs leash work, and knows basic commands.    

If you are interested in meeting Skipper, please email your completed application to


Charlie and Hank

Meet Charlie and Hank!!  Hank, the chocolate, is five years old and Charlie, the black, is six years old.  The owners are surrendering these boys to us so we can find them a home where they can get the attention they crave and need. Both dogs are your typical labs and will play fetch as long as you will throw the ball and love the water.  Both know commands, go for walks, are crate trained and house trained, and love everyone and everything they meet.  We will not adopt them separately so please don't ask.  If you have enough room in your heart and home for two wonderful labs, email a completed application to

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


Meet Jefferson!!  This wonderful two year old boy was rescued from a local shelter.  I adore this sweet boy!  He is your typical young lab, energetic in a fun loving way and thinks he is a lap dog. Jefferson is a big boy weighing approximately 80 lbs.   He is in a foster home with other dogs, is learning basic commands but needs leash work, crate trained, but not totally house trained.  Jefferson is very active and needs an active home with a fenced yard.  Ideally, he needs someone whom is looking for a running partner. The foster mom says Jefferson has a super sweet and loving personality. 

If you would like to meet Jefferson, email a completed application to



ADOPTER needed!!  Meet Lovely Luella!  This delightful, sweet 2.5 year old girl was picked up as a stray and taken to a high kill shelter. The volunteers there BEGGED us to save her as she was one of their absolute favorites - They couldn't believe no one had come to pick up this wonderful girl!  Luella is very friendly and affectionate, gives kisses, is VERY food motivated and is good with other dogs. She appears to be house trained. She walks very nicely on the leash and is an excellent passenger in the car!

To adopt, please send your completed application (available to download on our website) to



This GORGEOUS GOOFY boy, born in October 2016, is just a joy to be around!  Benz is a big guy that has no idea how big he is and is still a little clumsy but is the happiest, funniest boy you could ask for!  He is good on the leash but does need to learn some manners.  He will chase a ball and then lie down with his giant tongue hanging out.  He is very friendly with other dogs and all people.  He doesn't seem to know a stranger.  .

To learn more about Benz or to foster, please email your completed application to and


This sweet girl is approximately 8 years old and still very playful.  She is socialized to all people, good with kids, ignores other dogs and cats, rides well in cars, walks on leash without pulling although doesn't walk in heel position, does not jump on people when greeting them, LOVES to play ball, and is house trained.  Plays fetch with great enthusiasm for all ages. Will play "soccer" indoors endlessly with children.   Her number one passion is tennis balls.  The ideal home would have a fenced backyard for her to hang out in.  She is a hoot to play with, runs like she was trained to hunt at one time. 
Quintessential lab. Very sweet. 

If interested, please email and


This handsome boy, approximately four years old, was surrendered by his owner. Winston is shy when he first meets you but warms up quickly. He really lights up when he is around other dogs.  Winston is doing great in his foster home, loves to go for a walk, rides great in the car, is okay in the crate, and appears to be house trained.  

If you would like to meet Winston, email and


Meet Bonnie!! This beautiful girl is approximately 14  weeks old.  She is awesome!! She is shy at first but once she gets to know you, she greets everyone and everything with lots of energy and happiness!  Bonnie is in a foster home with other dogs and is learning a few commands.  As you can see from the pictures, Bonnie is your typical lab, loves the water and a ball.     

If you would like to meet Bonnie, email a completed application to


Gorgeous, sweet White Shepard/Lab mix Lily is losing her foster home and MUST find a new one ASAP!!!  Lily is beautiful, smart, house trained, PERFECT in the house, ADORES people, does not jump on you, rides like a dream in the car, is good with the vet, LOVES to swim - SHE IS AMAZING!!  She is 4.5 years old, fully vetted and healthy.
Her only catch is, she must be an only dog.  She has gotten much better being in proximity to other dogs but she is still very uncomfortable with them. 

If you are looking for the PERFECT only dog, this is your girl!!!  To learn more about Lily, please email your completed adoption application to



Mattie is a beautiful one year old girl looking for her forever home.  Mattie is very sweet, great with other dogs, crate trained, house trained, and learning commands. Mattie can be shy when she first meet you but warms up quickly. 

If you would like to meet Mattie, email a completed application to and    



Meet Tanner!!  This handsome three year old boy is looking for his forever home.  He has a super sweet personality, has a calm temperament, knows a few commands, house trained, and likes other dogs but would be happy as an only dog.  

If you would like to meet Tanner, please email a completed application to and