Meet Toby!!  This handsome two year old boy ended up in the shelter so we are looking for his family to live the best life!  He is a goofy happy boy with lots of energy.  He is going to a foster home where we can learn more about him.  

To adopt Toby, email your four page adoption application to and




Sunny is a happy energetic joyful boy.  He was dumped at the end of a country road at 3 months and is now 10 months old.  He loves to play tug-o-war, chase and catches frisbees and balls or just running in the yard.  Inside he loves a good chew toy or bone.  He is good with other dogs and will do best in a home with an active family and/ or another dog that also loves to play.  A fenced yard would be a must.  He has not seen any cats that we know of so not sure how he would be with that.  He sleeps all night in his crate.  He is potty trained and has no accidents in the house.  We have been actively training him and working on sit, down, come and heel.  Sunny has been in a wonderful foster home for months now and is very well behaved and trained.

If interested in adopting Sunny, please email 
Dorsey Patrick at


ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet PRECIOUS 8 month old Jackson! This SWEET, FRIENDLY boy was picked up as a stray and spent an entire month in the shelter waiting for his family or another person to come and get him...HOW DID NO ONE COME FOR THIS PERFECT BOY??   He is SO ready for a family to ADORE and SPOIL him! He is gentle, funny and knows how to sit. We don't know for sure but he seems to be house trained and is not bad on the leash. He is great with other dogs and absolutely LOVES people. We have not seen him with cats.  


To meet Jackson, please email your four page adoption application to and


FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED  Meet Fred!!  This very handsome two year old boy ended up in a local mountain shelter and surprisingly no one came for him.  Fred is soooo sweet and has the most endearing personality loving everyone he meets including other dogs.  Fred was great in the car, pretty good on the leash, and appears to be house trained.  We hope to get Fred into a foster home soon so we can learn more about him.      

To be considered for adoption, please send your four page adoption application to


Meet Grits, a 7-year-old black lab currently thriving in his foster home.  This seasoned pup brings a heart full of gratitude, evident in his warm brown eyes.  Grits, with his sleek black coat, embodies resilience and a newfound zest for life.  In his foster haven, he's discovered the joy of playtime, cherishing every moment with a tail that wags with enthusiasm.  Grits radiates a calm and grateful demeanor, a testament to the love he's found in his temporary home.  Eager to share his newfound happiness, Grits is patiently awaiting a forever family to embrace and cherish him for the rest of his days.  Grits came in underweight but has bounced back and is now a healthy 70+ pounds. Grits is house trained, crate trained, and knows a few commands.  He is working on his leash skills to make him the best all-round pup .

If you are interested in meeting Grits, please email your four page adoption application and return to and   


​Meet Hershey! 

FOSTER OR ADOPTER HOME NEEDED ASAP!!  Handsome Hershey ended up in the shelter and sadly no one came for him.  The shelter had Hershey prepped to euthanize due to overcrowding.  We were contacted and stepped right in to help.  Hershey is a super friendly boy and we believe he had a loving family in his life.  Hershey spent the night with the kind lady who transported him to us.  She could not say enough great things about him.  Hershey was great with her four dogs, is totally house trained, knows a few commands, climbed on the couch and slept quietly, tried to get in the bed with her, and jumped right in the kennel in the back of her car.  Hershey needs a home where he will get lots of exercise.  Our vet thinks Hershey is around seven but he is VERY active and strong on the leash.  We think he's a Lab and German Shorthaired Pointer mix.  He has wonderful chocolate coloring.  


If you would like to adopt Hershey, please email your four page adoption application to and


URGENT FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED FOR NALA!  Meet GORGEOUS Nala - this 1.5 yr old, 50lb girl is SUPER SMART, LOVES to play fetch, and is FRIENDLY and OUTGOING!   Nala has a ton of ENERGY and is an excellent athlete!  She would be a GREAT candidate for dock diving or agility.  SWEET Nala will need a family who will give her the exercise and training she needs.  Nala knows sit but needs leash training and other basic commands.  Nala is very treat and praise motivated so she will learn quickly.  She is house and crate trained.  Due to her energy and tendency to jump up, she is appropriate for families with children over 12. She has not been tested with a cat but she is friendly with other dogs.  A fenced yard is highly recommended for this lovely girl.

To FOSTER Nala, please email

To ADOPT Nala, please email your completed 4 page adoption application to and

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


Meet Rosie!!  She is a lovely, frolicking, full of life, four month old girl!  And she’s beautiful, as well!  As she runs around the yard playing, she is full of fun!  Rosie has been super friendly with everyone she has met.  She goes to a foster home Tuesday so we will know much more soon. 

To meet Rosie, please email your four page adoption application to




FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED!!  Handsome Dexter, born 8/9/17, was surrendered to us.  Dexter is very resilient and forgiving because you would never know he had lived a sad life.  He is a big  happy boy and very active for his age.  Dexter is okay around other dogs but we aren't sure about cats.  He seems okay in the crate, strong on the leash and needs training.

Dexter's foster LOVES him!  Dexter is a VERY SWEET boy, great in the house, crate trained, knows a few commands, getting better on the leash daily.   


To adopt Dexter, please email your completed application to and


Hazel and Sallie

These two beautiful girls are

approximately fourteen weeks old.  They are in foster care where they are learning the basics. 

To be considered for adoption, please email your four page adoption application to



​URGENT FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet SUPER HANDSOME, 3 year old, Duke.  He was dumped on a country road and taken in by a good samaritan.  Duke is dog friendly:  He was fenced during the day with the two resident dogs.  He is super sweet and friendly even knowing a few commands.  He appears to be house trained.  A fenced yard is preferred;  It's something we can talk about.      

To FOSTER email

To ADOPT, please email your completed 4 page application to and




Our sweet and handsome Kevin needs his own FOREVER home!  Kevin is an 80 lb lap dog who needs a fenced in back yard. Since he is a houndy boy, his nose may lead him astray, so a fenced in yard is a must.  Kevin knows some commands.  He can sit, lie down, and high five.  He has never begged for people food or jumped up on me.  Overall great house manners!   He is very sweet, and is a huge cuddle bug, but has some stubborn tendencies.  He has gotten along well with his foster brother, Charlie.   And, no accidents in the house.  Kevin has been fine in the crate.  He sleeps in the crate at night and stays in there if I am away for longer periods.  I have left him out with Charlie for shorter times away from the house (15-20 minutes).

Please consider giving this extra special gentleman a home!! [😘]

He was found in a neighborhood where he had been for a few days Kevin, five years old, is a good ole’ hound dog.  Kevin knows several commands.  I said, “Kevin, lay down” and pointed to the floor.  Shocked, he laid down.  There is a dog bed in our living area and if we say, “lay down”, he will go lay on the bed.   He settled quickly in the house.  When we sit down to eat, he doesn’t beg at all.  He will go lay down on the dog bed.  He does like to be wherever we are or at least where Stella is.  Kevin takes treats very gently and doesn’t challenge Stella when food is involved.  He has not had ANY accidents in the house. Kevin is very sweet, but can be a tad stubborn.  He seems to listen to Jeff a little better than me.  He will follow him around more than me also.  But, we don’t have to follow him around checking on what he might be getting into or making sure he isn’t using the bathroom!  Great house manners!  We only have a 4 ft fence and he hasn’t tried to escape.  We’ve been on regular walks in the neighborhood and he seems to get a bit better with each walk.  He’s fine crated at night.  We were doing work in the yard and couldn’t let him outside.  We left the dogs inside (loose) and every time we came back inside, Kevin was either sitting at the door waiting for us, or he was in the same room with Stella.        

To adopt Kevin, please send your completed 4 page adoption application to and