Meet Leo!!  This handsome 6 year old BIG boy, born 7/3/14, is looking for his forever home.  Leo was surrendered when the owner couldn't care for him any longer.  Leo weighs in at 126 lbs and needs to lose about twenty pounds.  He needs a home where he will get proper exercise to trim off weight slowly.  Leo is great with other dogs and his favorite place is on the couch.          

To foster or adopt Leo, please email your completed application to  labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.


Meet BEAUTIFUL Katie!!  She has a super sweet happy personality and greets you with her tail going full speed.  She was born 5/31/17.  She was surrendered to the shelter by the family who got her as a puppy.  Katie was born with a heart murmur and still has a low grade one now.  We will consult our vet next week.  Katie LOVES everyone she meets.  She is great with other dogs, not sure about cats, was an inside dog at night, and stayed outside during the day with other dogs.  Katie loves to play fetch and to ride in the car

UPDATE!!!   Katie is a sweet three year old with a nice mix of energetic and calm.  She loves long walks on the leash and cuddling with her humans.  Her heart murmur doesn't slow her down from running and playing with toys and other dogs.  She makes friends everywhere she goes, including cats.  Katie is starting to learn basic commands and loves to sit for treats.       

If you can foster or would like to adopt Katie, please email your application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com



Meet ADORABLE Charlie!  This super happy 8 month old boy was dumped at the shelter along with his beautiful sweet sibling Betty Lou.  It is so sad to read the reason for surrender was not wanted.  Charlie has the most awesome personality.  He is such a happy go lucky boy greeting everyone he meets with his tail going full speed.  He is great with other dogs, not sure about cats, and needs to gain about ten pounds.  Charlie is doing great in his foster home.  He is crate trained, house trained, and learning commands.  He is very smart already knowing what "your place" means.  With a little training,  Charlie will be a valued member of the family!     

To learn more about Charlie, please email your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.co m and labladies@gmail.com



NEEDED!  Oakley, born 10/10/19, is a handsome boy with tons of puppy energy.  He was purchased as a puppy but the owner couldn't keep Oakley so, he ended up at the family farm.  He was chasing the horses so probably wouldn't do well with cats.  Oakley has endless energy and little training.  Oakley loves other dogs, loves the water, and to ride in the car. 

If interested in meeting Oakley, please send your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.



BEAUTIFUL Betsy is one of the sweetest and easiest girl ever!  Our vet thinks she is approximately ten years old but, she doesn't act her age.  Betsy has an old injury on her left hip and is taking supplements.  But, she lights up when she hears a squeaky toy and loves to play fetch.   She is the perfect house guest, fully house trained, and content to lay at your feet while you work.   

To learn more about Betsy, email your completed application to  luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.


This one year old girl is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Layla was found wandering and hungry when she ended up in a small, rural shelter.  Now, she is a happy girl who loves being spoiled with belly rubs and treats. Layla knows her basic commands, walks well on the
leash and rides great in the car. She is housetrained and crated
when no-one is home.  Layla loves to play fetch and is an active girl who would do best with a fenced yard and older children.  Layla has been to the dog park several times with no issues, however she is very vocal to dogs when on the leash. She has been doing better with training. She has been in a foster home with other dogs and a cat. A home without cats would be recommended
(depending on cat).  With routine and structure, Layla will achieve her full potential as a
fantastic companion.

If you would like to learn more about Layla, please email your four page application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.


Betty Lou

Meet SWEET Betty Lou!  This beautiful eight month old girl was surrendered to the shelter, along with her brother, because they were unwanted.  Betty is underweight and is being treated for an eye infection.  Betty Lou is very loving, would love a home with another dog to play with, and must have a fenced in yard.  Betty Lou is very active and loving her foster family.  She is crate trained, learning commands, and almost potty trained. 

To learn more about Betty Lou, please email your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com


Meet Benji!! 

This energetic one and a half year old boy is looking for a new home.  He was adopted by a wonderful family who wanted a calm dog and Benji is very active and requires more exercise than they can give him.  The family made it clear Benji is a great dog who loves everyone he meets.  Benji loves other dogs, we aren't sure about cats, loves to go for a walk, loves to play fetch and will bring the ball back, sits, and drops the ball at your feet, and he is completely house trained.  Benji is crate trained. 

If you would like to meet Benji, please email your application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.


Meet Mulligan! This SWEET 7 yr old boy is all about LOVE!  He just wants to be with his people and keep them company. He is so GENTLE when he approaches you and will give you the softest lick to say hello. Mulligan weighs about 50 lbs, is house trained  and will go into his crate although he probably doesn’t need one. He is friendly with dogs, cats and even chickens! Everyone who meets this polite pup just adores him! He is in a new foster home so we will have updates soon. 

If you are interested in meeting Mulligan, please email labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com.


Meet Deke!  He is a super sweet nine month old boy who apparently was kept in a crate for the majority of the time and seems to have some developmental issues in his front legs.  He is still able to run and play but his front feet curve inwards.  He is very friendly with both people and other dogs, energetic, and sweet.  He was in a temp foster home where a cat lived and he was interested in the cat but not aggressively so.  He appears to be house trained and God bless him, he is crate trained.....              .    

If you would like to meet Deke, please send your completed application to labladies@gmail.com and luckylabsrescue@gmail.com

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


​Johnny is a really sweet, smart, and active boy.  Johnny (we've been calling him Jake) had it rough before coming to Lucky Labs. He has several places on his ears that are healing from what the vet believes are from repetitive fly "strikes" and he is very thin.  Poor guy!  He has been in a foster home for about a week. Jake weighed 42lbs when we got him but we don’t expect him to be much over 50lbs once he gains weight. If you want a smaller dog, take a look at Jake!  He absolutely loves to be petted and will sit perfectly still when being loved on. He knows sit, walks well on a leash, takes treats gently, and gets along with other dogs  He is still in the process of being housebroken and crate trained.  He is getting better with the crate and is sleeping through the night crated.  He is a silly, mischievous, active boy which makes us laugh but we have to keep a watchful eye on him in the house because he likes to investigate.  We think he had never been inside a house before now so everything is new.  He seems more comfortable hanging out on our screened porch than inside.  He quickly learned how to use the doggie door from screened porch to yard.  The shelter thought he was 6yrs old but we think he is younger because of this activity level.  He would really enjoy playing with another dog. 

If you are interested in meeting Johnny, please email your four page application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.  


Meet SWEET Gerry! This ADORABLE 7 yr old boy has obviously had an interesting life....he has a big hole in his lower ear, lots of old scars and he is still trying to grow hair back in all the blank places BUT he shows no signs of distrust or fear!  He LOVES to follow his foster mom around wherever she goes.  His favorite spot is the recliner.  He is fully house trained, knows many commands, loves to ride in the car and gets along with all the other dogs!  It's a shame he can't talk and tell us how he came to be with us...Gerry needs a home where someone is around a lot to give him the love and affection he adores.  Gerry is going to be an EXCELLENT companion for his new family!  Gerry is now healthy and weighs about 45 lbs.  He will not be suited to an apartment or condo as he will bark when his person is away.

To ADOPT Gerry, please email your completed application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com  and labladies@gmail.com.  


MEXPERIENCED FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED- Greater Charlotte NC area!   Peaches is a VERY SWEET, VERY TIMID one year old Lab mix in need of a patient Foster or Adopter to help her learn to trust strangers and learn about new places and new things .  Peaches belonged to a senior man who didn't socialize her with other people or new places. (she is very dog friendly and in no way aggressive!)  The man has passed away and his family can not take care of Peaches.  When she sees a stranger she stands 20 feet away and barks.  If the person sits down and ignores her while tossing treats, she eventually will come over and take the treats.  The family reports it will take about 3 days for her to warm up to a new person in the home. We will be providing guidance on socializing Peaches through our trainer.  A fenced yard is a must!
When we met her, she did finally take treats and once she realized we were no threat she ran and played in the yard. She is fully vetted, house trained and is ok with a crate.  Peaches will be a WONDERFUL family member with just a little training and socialization. 

To help us, help her please email labladies@gmail.com



Meet HANDSOME AND SWEET Sonny!  This FRIENDLY 3 yr old boy found himself as a stray in a small, rural shelter.  No one came for him so we happily offered to rescue him!  Sonny is a typical energetic, enthusiastic Lab that needs some work on basic training but he is a really lovely, smart boy who will learn things quickly.  He has that big block head and stockier build associated with the English Labs and he LOVES to sit in your lap.  With just a little time, this guy is going to make a fantastic new family member!  

To learn more about Sonny, please send your completed adoption application to luckylabsrescue@gmail.com and labladies@gmail.com.