Belle is a five month old super sweet girl who abandoned in rural NC.  Belle is in a foster home with other dogs and a cat.  She is great with all. She is house trained, learning about the crate, and commands.  Belle is a bit shy when meeting new people but warms up quickly.  We will get another update soon.

If you would like to meet Belle,  please email and  


ADOPTER NEEDED!  Meet our VERY SPECIAL boy, Bud. This precious soul was born just 8 months ago.  Unfortunately, he was put on a chain in a backyard.  But, this sweet boy’s bad luck started way before he was born.  Bud was born with severe hip dysplasia and a slight neurological deficit.  As a result of that and being chained, he has no muscle mass in his rear.   This DOES NOT STOP THIS FANTASTIC BOY!!  He LOVES people, other dogs, and doesn’t even notice the cat.  He is currently able to handle the stairs and seems to be getting stronger every day.  We are scheduling an orthopedic visit to investigate options for his hips.
Our GREATEST DESIRE FOR BUD is to change his LUCK and find a home that will LOVE him and give him the TLC he needs In the coming weeks and years to deal with his special needs.  He has so much LOVE to give!

UPDATE!  Bud Update!  GORGEOUS and SWEET 9 month old Bud is doing GREAT!  With good food and exercise, he has started to fill out and gain some muscle.  He still slips on occasion if he takes a turn too quickly but he just hops right up and keeps going.  Bud ADORES playing with the other dogs, getting lots of affection and his walks.  He has no trouble climbing the stairs or navigating the doggie door.  He is truly a DELIGHT to be around!   

To learn more about Bud, please send your completed application to and


BEAUTIFUL Matti was surrendered to us by her owner, who was having health issues.  Matti was in that home since she was a baby (she is now 3 years old) and this transition has been SO DIFFICULT for her.... Matti is an AMAZINGLY SWEET GIRL but she needs just a few minutes to warm up to new people.  Once she has time to get to know you, she will be YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND!   Matti loves the water, walks well on a leash and is house trained.  She was not crated previously.  Everyone at the boarding facility adores her and so does this Board Member ;)  Matti is energetic, EXTREMELY intelligent, and affectionate.  She can be dog selective so she could be an only dog or in a family with another laid back dog.    .

To learn more about Matti, email your completed application to



FOSTER URGENTLY NEEDED!  Meet ADORABLE Benji!  Benji is a one year old boy who was turned into the shelter because he was chasing the farm animals.  He was SO sad at the shelter and we just couldn't leave him there.  This ENERGETIC little goof  ( he weighs about 50 lbs) has the SWEETEST PERSONALITY but needs training and exercise.  He also needs a fenced backyard. !

If you can foster Benji, please email  If you are interested in adopting, please email your completed adoption application to 


Meet HANDSOME, SWEET  Wrigley!  This one year old boy was found wandering in a rural area and picked up by Animal Control.  Wrigley is in a foster home with two other dogs and loves to run and play with them.  He is crate trained, approaches all people wanting attention, super cuddly on the couch, calm at your feet when needed, and is learning commands quickly.  Wrigley loves his dog bed and sleeps peacefully through the night.  Wrigley is house trained, enjoys his walks, and rides in the car.     

To learn more about Wrigley, please email your completed application to



Meet Benson!!  This sweet two year old boy was surrendered to the shelter when his family had to move.  Benson lived with another dog, knows a few commands, needs leash work, and he appears to be house trained.  Benson is doing great in his foster home.  He sleeps through the night on a dog bed, gets along great the resident dog, loves to go on a walk, and still needs leash work.  Benson LOVES belly rubs and being with his people.  He is VERY sweet and loving!!  We will get another update soon.  

If you would like to meet Benson, please email your application to and


Meet our LOVELY, SWEET 1.5 year old Erica!  Erica came to us from a big hearted lady that found her as a stray when she was just a pup.  Unfortunately, the lady was not able to keep her and reached out to us.  This PRECIOUS girl is VERY FRIENDLY, enjoys playing with her foster sister and LOVES to be petted.  Her tail seldom stops wagging!  She is a little on the heavy side and needs to lose some weight but we have started working on that already.  She has never really been on a leash so that is a work in progress but she will work for food and is easily trained.  She knows sit and come and is house trained. She will be an EXCELLENT new family member!.

If you are interested in meeting Erica, please email your four page application to



Miss Allie is such a loving pup. She is on the higher energy end and definitely needs her walks and a game or 2 of fetch.  Allie has shown promise at agility as well as has tried (and done well!) at dock diving!  She will jump a baby gate and a four foot fence with ease.  She does well when crated, and it's her safe place to relax.  She is great overnight and will even sleep in on the weekends!  She is playful and has loved all dogs she has met.  Allie is food motivated and  we are working on her counter surfing. She is house trained to a dog door and will go out in any weather to do her business. She has learned sit, down, stay, leave it, go pee pees, crate, and come. She plays in the rain and loves puddles. She is good on leash, but can pull when she sees another dog or wildlife. She is great in the car and will rest her head on the armrest.  She is a happy, people pleasing pup, who would love to have an outlet for her ability abilities  

If you would like to meet Allie, please send your completed application to


Sadie and McKenzie

Meet our BEAUTIFUL, SWEET seven year old Sadie (chocolate girl) and three year old McKenzie (yellow girl)!  These AMAZING  sisters were turned into the shelter when their owner was moving.  As soon as the shelter contacted us about saving them, we said YES!  The girls are house trained, do not need to be crated and are extremely friendly with people and other dogs.  Both are "full figured" and need to lose weight and get some exercise, especially McKenzie who is currently 121lbs!  We would like to adopt them out together.         .     

To learn more about these special girls, please submit your completed app to and



Butch is a FANTASTIC, SWEET 2 year old boy who really is doing fantastic in her foster home!  Butch LOVES, LOVES to play fetch!  He is very good at it and prefers fetching to eating treats!  He really enjoys getting affection and pays no attention to the other dogs barking at him as he chases the ball.  After a nice round of fetch, Butch is tired and ready to rest.  Butch is very SMART and learns quickly.  This guy is going to be an AMAZING family member. 


​Butch is an awesome dog. He is not aggressive at all or protective over toys. He loves to be around people and LOVES cuddling. He is doing well with our senior male Great Dane and our 3-year-old female lab. He goes straight into his crate for a treat and does extremely well in the crate--he sleeps there all night without crying/barking. He is not super vocal unless you take too long getting his food ready haha. He still needs work on the leash, and we are working on his jumping. He gets very excited and can't contain himself.

If you can like to adopt, please fill out our four page application and return to and



Meet Chestnut, the most ADORABLE seven year old Bassador (Lab/Basset Hound) ever!  Chestnut was a frequent visitor to the local shelter because he just LOVES to get out and explore the World!  His family finally just didn't come to get him but their loss is our gain!  He is super FRIENDLY with every person, dog and cat he meets!  He was not in a house previously but is doing really well on his house training and he rides very well in a car.  He will need some work on the leash because his nose has serious matters to attend to!  He is recovering from a flea allergy but his skin already looks so much better. Chestnut is super food motivated which will help with his training. 


If you are interested in meeting Chestnut, please send your completed application to and

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING A DOG, WE ASK THAT YOU START WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION (see link). The application helps us get to know you better, so that we can match you with the right dog.    


This one year old girl is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Layla was found wandering and hungry when she ended up in a small, rural shelter.  Now, she is a happy girl who loves being spoiled with belly rubs and treats. Layla knows her basic commands, walks well on the
leash and rides great in the car. She is housetrained and crated
when no-one is home.  Layla loves to play fetch and is an active girl who would do best with a fenced yard and older children.  Layla has been to the dog park several times with no issues, however she is very vocal to dogs when on the leash. She has been doing better with training. She has been in a foster home with other dogs and a cat. A home without cats would be recommended
(depending on cat).  With routine and structure, Layla will achieve her full potential as a
fantastic companion.

If you would like to learn more about Layla, please email your four page application to and  



Handsome seven year old LJ was the sad product of a divorce...when mom moved out, dad took him to the shelter.  It is just a mystery to us how your wouldn't want this PERFECT boy as your companion!!   LJ is GREAT with every person and dog he meets!  He is house trained, rides beautifully in the car, walks easily on the leash and doesn't demand attention but LOVES to be close to you.  He seldom barks and ADORES tummy rubs!  We will get another update from the foster family soon. 

To meet LJ, please email your completed application to



Meet ADORABLE Blake!  This SWEET five month old pup found himself at the loud, scary shelter and we couldn't wait to get him out!  Blake is in a foster home and beginning to show his personality.  He is a smart boy who LOVES other dogs and is a so far, a really good cuddler!

To meet Blake, please send your completed application to and